Thursday, August 28, 2008

NWA Baby Shower

Our sweet friends through us a couples shower in NWA because everyone knows Tom likes to be involved. So it was fun to have him there and he really enjoyed opening all of Stella's presents. It was also a blessing that my parents could be in town from Oregon to enjoy this day for their first granddaughter along with Tom's parents too. The picture at the bottom is Stella's cute grandmas.

Little Rock Baby Shower

Yummy Food, of course! Guitar Hero, a little diaper challenge, bottle buster, and fun (as usual) with our best friends!

My dad and Tom putting together Stella's cradle.

We've joined the club!

Ok, since Stella is a month away and we finally have the internet at home...I broke down and started a blog.
So, I know most of you have seen these pics, but I wanted to add them to Stella's blog! I love you and I promise I will TRY to keep this updated!