Sunday, April 29, 2012

Down on the Farm via Instagram

 The other day the girls and I headed over to Farm and Friends, I'll admit, I don't know what it was for or who sponsored it. My friend Sara told me about it and Tom was working so I loaded up the girls and we had a blast seeing all the farm animals. Stella was pretty gentle with the chick.
 Emerson on the other hand...
 she basically man-handled this sweet innocent chick. Thankfully it wasn't hurt but I did have memories of reading "Of Mice and Men" coming flashing to my mind. Yikes!
 They LOVED the cows. Emerson can say moo so she was in heaven.
Princess Stella even got a little down and dirty and milked a cow (it was fake). There's no doubt this girl has farming in her blood. She may like sparkles and glitter but she knows how to pull her weight around a farm. Thanks to Great Papa Ernie and Great Papa Frank for their examples!

And yes, all these pictures were taken on my phone because lets face it...I can't juggle two little ones, a big ole camera and a bunch of farm animals. But I spiced them up with the instagram app. I'm slowly becoming a big obsessed with the app.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Smile it's Picture Day

Oh, there are NO words to describe my love for this spunky 3 year old! I am beyond blessed!!

Well, today is picture day at school and after Stella put on her dress she wanted to show me her smiles. Ha! Who knows what we'll actually get, but I thought I'd share the practise run with you. I'm not making this up when I say Stella kept saying "wait mommy, get this smile. OK, now this one." She is a little spitfire and diva in training...and I LOVE her so!

I'll try to remember to show you the actual picture when we get it, but knowing this feisty one and home she'll probably be serious in the "real" picture.

Thank you Grandma Reen for the perfect dress for school pictures!


 For the last week and a half (maybe more) Emerson has been waking around 5:30. Sometimes earlier and right away she is on the go and into everything. EVERYTHING. My eyes are barely open and she's on the go! Anyway this was yesterday EARLY morning. I heard her in her room, but she sounded kind of muffled so I know she wasn't playing with her toys. Well, this is what I found. She was completely in there where I couldn't see her, but I had to run and get my phone to snap a couple pictures and she was on her way out.
 I love this picture. She's looking up at her baskets like she's trying to figure out how she got there.
 And later in the morning Emerson was "talking" up a storm. She was getting louder and had a lot to say. I turned the corned to see this. She was standing on the chair giving some sort speech. I told Tom I pictured her as some sort of politician. The the picture below is when I told her she had to get down. Lord help us :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


 Stella was so excited to see Sponge Bob at Razor Fest today. I really don't know why because we don't watch the show, but she loves this silly looking guy.
 This is where Emerson was the entire morning while we were taking in the fun leading up to the spring game.
 Stella is getting so big...she's not scared at all playing on the big bouncies.
 Ready to go again
 We had been looking for the mascots and as we were heading out we found them!!! Stella was so excited to Sue E :)
And look who else we ran into! Cilla and Stella are so fun together!!!! I just love watch their little friendship grow. These two will be quite a pair in the teen years :)

Can you smell that? I think I'm ready for some FOOTBALL! Forget all the scandalous news surrounding our hogs...lets get ready for FALL!

Woo Pig!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Donuts with Dad

 You hold my hand
When I cross the street,
You show me how to do
All things that are neat!
And just to show that I love you,
I want to share my donuts with you!

Earlier this week Tom got this fancy tie from Stella with the message above. Today was donuts with dad at school and Stella was so proud of her "invitation"
She gave it to him Monday and when she saw him on the news Tuesday morning (yes, it was an early morning) she said, "Hey why isn't daddy wearing the tie I made him. I'm sad."
 Well,  in honor of today's donut date...Stella was so excited to spot her daddy wearing the "special" tie. Tom even matched his shirt to his special tie. I tried to get a picture off the TV but my flash kept messing it up. Anyway, this little girl was so proud that her daddy was wearing her handy work. So sweet!
After the show, daddy came to pick up his donut date and they headed to school! Stella was so excited!

So if you happened to catch the end of KNWA Today this morning and were wondering why Tom's tie didn't look quite right, now you know. For the last few minutes of the show he wore a special tie for his little princess. Tom are a good daddy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

14 Months

 How has it already been 14 months!?!
 Please ignore the left over snack on her chin and shirt and focus on her seriousness about her hair :)
Emerson LOVES watching me dry my hair and so she wanted to show me should could do her hair too.
 Emerson is also big into accessorizing like her sister. Oh they are too fun.
 And while this little toddler is into everything all the time...she is our little snuggle bug too!

We love you Emerson Kate! Happy 14 months!

Friday, April 13, 2012


 This little bunny was the first to get up Easter Sunday (of course) so she was checking out both goody baskets.
 I think Emerson was happy with the loot from the Easter Bunny.
 When Stella woke up she went straight for the eggs looking for candy. Sorry, not much candy this year.
 But obviously the princess lip gloss made up for the lack of sugary treats.
 Sisterly LOVE

 She loves to be sassy
Love her!

I know I'm late posting this but it's been busy with these two.
We hope you had a GREAT Easter and celebrated more than chocolate bunnies, pretty dresses and yummy food.

He is RISEN!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

 Yesterday day was Tom's birthday and it was so fun because Stella was really into it.

 My grandma sent the girls these sweet dresses so Stella was super excited we had something to wear the party dresses to. This girl LOVES dresses and loves to twirl. I think her little sister is a fan of "looking pretty" too.
Back to the birthday boy...
As always we went to Shogun for dinner. Then we came home and had another birthday request from Tom...Lemonade cake. It was fun this year because Stella wanted to help with everything. I don't have pictures (oops) but she helped me make his cake and decorate. She insisted we have balloons so we had balloons, birthday plates and napkins. It was super fun.

We love Tom/Daddy more than words can explain. He has such a giving heart and loves to play dress up and dance with his girls. He works so hard to provide for our little family. He loves Jesus and has a heart for all those around him.
We love you daddy!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Preps

 Friday Emerson and I headed out for a little play group and egg hunt. It was just us because Stella was off making Easter cupcakes. Emerson wasn't sure what to do at first without her big sis telling her what to do.
 She finally caught on, but...
 she was way more interested in picking the flowers.
 Today Tom spent the afternoon (ok, not all afternoon, but it took him awhile) making these cute chicks from a picture HE found on PINTEREST :) yes, it's true!
 Tonight after Emme went to bed we busted out the dye and decorated some eggs with Stella. Her expressions were cracking me up.
 Doing it on her own and telling me it's not a big deal because she's big
 She was NOT pleased with the color of this egg when Tom showed her, so he put it back. Oh what an opinion.
And of course we had princess Easter Eggs.

I hope you all (ok, all as in my mom and dad because I'm pretty sure those are my regular viewers) have a VERY HAPPY EASTER.

What a great day to CELEBRATE our SAVIOR!