Sunday, February 27, 2011


The other day we decided to a do a little photo shoot with the grandparents. We took a picture of Stella when she was born with her four grandparents so we wanted to do the same with Emerson, but we forgot in the hospital so we made up for it at home. Stella looks serious here, but she just was more into her book than a picture with Papa, Grammie, Big Papa and Gaga.
Only a couple days old and Emerson is super LOVED!
Papa and Grammie with Emerson.
Big Papa and Gaga with Emme.

My dad had to leave before my mom so I caught a picture of him saying goodbye. Let's face's NEVER easy saying goodbye to grandparents. My mom just left yesterday and it was hard for Stella to say goodbye. Honestly, it was heartbreaking. But of course it was hard, for over two weeks Stella has had her Gaga all to herself to cook with, have tea parties, play dress up, dance, read books, boss around, take tubbies, etc. Thanks for everything from all the grandparents. We are super blessed with all the help during these first several days.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sisterly Love

Ok, ok I thought I'd be a little better about blogging, but ha, no! So I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but we've been busy. A Good busy though. Stella has been an outstanding big sister! She really goes out of her way to make sure Emerson is ok.
Of course, all little sisters need to know about the princesses and Stella took that job seriously.
She loves to check her out.
Emerson is so much smaller than her big sis was so I've had to get used to that.
I'll try to post more soon,,,someone is up so I'm off.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It's always fun to load up and head home, but it can be a bit scary too. After a day of check ups and visits from family and friends we were ready to head home and start our new/crazy life.

I think Emerson resembles Stella here.

When Tom and I got home with Emerson Stella was SOOO excited to welcome home her little sister. I mean super excited, bouncing off the walls!
Look at how proud she is. I was relieved because this was the first time she showed much interest in Emerson. It was super cute. She gave her grand tour of the house...including Emerson's new room.

Here's Emerson's mom finished it up for me and I'm happy with the final product.

Lots of nature...birds, owls, butterflies.

I had to add this picture because Emerson was napping in the cradle about 20 minutes after we got home and already our dog, Diesel was super protective of her. He was like this with Stella but I didn't think he'd do the same for Emerson. After all, Stella has pretty much rocked his world the last two years.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

SHE'S HERE: Meet Emerson Kate

We are in love with this 8 pound 5 ounces of pure JOY!
She entered the world at 6:22 pm February 16th. She is 20.5 inches long.
It was a great day. By the time I needed to push Miss Emerson basically walked out. She was ready to be here.

Stella wasn't sure what to think and we still have yet to take a picture of all of us since she would rather play with her toys she got once Emerson arrived :)
This lasted about two seconds...then she was done with her baby sister.

This is one of my favorite pictures because Tom used to stick his tongue out all the time and this is how she came out of the womb. The doctor was laughing because she was sticking hr tongue out. I think we might have a class clown on our hands.
Stella did not want to be part of this picture.

Proud Grammie and Papa.

My dad or has Stella calls him sometimes BIG Papa :)
Me and my mom/Gaga!
I'm sorry this post is kind of vague, but the internet is SLOW here.
But I promise we'll be posting more about our little brunette!
Thanks for all prayers!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the Air

I've never made a big deal of Valentines day but since Hart is my maiden name my parents always made it fun so we're keeping the tradition alive with Stella. Here she is checking out what cupid brought.
Playing with her slinky! Stella had a Valentines party at school and her teacher told me she scarfed down the cupcake and icecream...girl, after my own heart.

Then that night...daddy cooked us chicken pesto pasta and it was a huge hit!
Hope you enjoyed the day!
sorry for the quality of the pictures,,,they were from my phone.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Princess

Last week Miss Stella made it to one day of school before the snow storm of the century hit. It was princess day and Stella was super excited.
She didn't want to take the dress off for nap. That was Monday and by Wednesday....

We were stuck inside watching daddy report in the snow.
It just kept coming and coming.
By the end...we had 20 inches of snow at our house.
I was just thankful I didn't go into labor during the snow.

Look at those icicles. It's all gone now and we're in the 60's..gotta love Arkansas.
I hope that our snow/ice is over!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr. Snowman and Sledding

Let's face it my cute hubby is just a big kid at heart. This is what I found him doing while Stella napped. He thought if he built the snowman then they could "decorate" him when she woke up. Really, I think he just couldn't wait any longer :) Poor guys been out reporting in it all week..and now it was finally his turn to play in it.
To say Stella was thrilled when she saw what her daddy had made is an understatement. They got to work right away!

Using a pepper for the nose!
The nose was a little stubborn so daddy helped.
We used Hershey Kisses for the mouth.

Watching daddy making sure everything stays in Mr. Snowman.

The finished product. They decided against the hat and scarf because they were headed to the sled hill next.

We headed over to the middle school by our house for some fun. I honestly didn't think she would like it, but boy was I wrong. Sorry I didn't get many pictures. my camera died so these are from my phone.
Hiking up the hill with daddy. Once I knew she wasn't scared and LOVED it, I was a nervous wreck. Normally, Tom is the cautious one, but I guess not when it comes to the snow.

She loved walking up the hill too. Here's to hoping she sleeps tonight. It was so fun! I'm also just thankful no one (especially Stella) was hurt during our family outing.

I have video of our little daredevil that I might post later or you can check it out on my facebook page.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Playdate

After a couple days of entertaining Stella inside and nowhere else ourselves...Tom and I were excited to have Cilla join us for a little bit last night. Yesterday was Cilla's daddy's birthday so we offered to watch Cilla while her parents enjoyed a child-free dinner. Stella and Cilla play really well together and last night was no exception.
It was super funny to build a block tower then knock it over.
They even baked a few things in the kitchen.
They did pretty good at sharing...
but of course there were a couple standoffs. The hot toy...a cow and a horse. We were glad to have Cilla and hope to do it again soon.
Baby update...
I finally got into the doctor today. My normal doctor wasn't working but I did get to see another one. Emerson is still high up there and hasn't dropped, but I am dilated to a 1. It's not much but there's some progress.
Emerson is also measuring a little ahead of schedule (ha, maybe another 10 pound baby is possible). We'll see what next week's appointment tells us. Of course, snow is in the forecast again, so we'll see if I even have an appointment.