Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr. Snowman and Sledding

Let's face it my cute hubby is just a big kid at heart. This is what I found him doing while Stella napped. He thought if he built the snowman then they could "decorate" him when she woke up. Really, I think he just couldn't wait any longer :) Poor guys been out reporting in it all week..and now it was finally his turn to play in it.
To say Stella was thrilled when she saw what her daddy had made is an understatement. They got to work right away!

Using a pepper for the nose!
The nose was a little stubborn so daddy helped.
We used Hershey Kisses for the mouth.

Watching daddy making sure everything stays in Mr. Snowman.

The finished product. They decided against the hat and scarf because they were headed to the sled hill next.

We headed over to the middle school by our house for some fun. I honestly didn't think she would like it, but boy was I wrong. Sorry I didn't get many pictures. my camera died so these are from my phone.
Hiking up the hill with daddy. Once I knew she wasn't scared and LOVED it, I was a nervous wreck. Normally, Tom is the cautious one, but I guess not when it comes to the snow.

She loved walking up the hill too. Here's to hoping she sleeps tonight. It was so fun! I'm also just thankful no one (especially Stella) was hurt during our family outing.

I have video of our little daredevil that I might post later or you can check it out on my facebook page.

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Rebekah said...

You guys are so fun! Love your snow man!