Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sizzlin Summer Fun

 If you live in Arkansas than you know it's hot, if you don't well, IT'S HOT! Tonight I decided Stella and I needed a little fun after Emerson went down. Tom was at a game, so we headed outside for a little fun in the pool. You see recently it's been soo hot outside you have to wait until after 7 to enjoy it. Even as I'm writing this (8:50) it's 88...92 heat index. What!?! Where's the Oregon summer's that I love. And it's supposed to be in the 100's this week..yikes. So we're having fun now.
 I was surprised Stella got so into it. Last time we tried this she wasn't interested.
 Getting water out of her bucket.

 Showing off her little pool.
 This girl is VERY SASSY. She posed like this and said take my picture. Oh Lord, please help us.

 Please look at that she is telling me we need more water. She's giving me the look like it's not an option and I need to hop on it. Well, we didn't need more water, ha!
 Sweet girl having fun.
I kid you not...
Me: "Stella what are you doing."
Stella:"Shhh mommy, I need to relax."

Oh how I dread the teen years  :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 Months and Counting

 I can't believe this blue-eyed beauty is already 5 months old! She's been super busy this month.
 Emerson is still a BIG fan of her paci and now she LOVES to play with her little rattle toys. She goes wild once she realizes she's the one makeing the noise.
 She is getting closer to sitting up on her own...right now she needs a little support.
 Eating her toy...she's been "teething" for awhile now, but we've yet to see one pop through.
 Look at the drool. This girl can DROOL!
 Just because I love baby legs.
Miss Emme loves to sleep on her side. She moves all over her crib. I never know in what direction I'll find her when I go get her.

Emerson has rolled over a couple times but doesn't seem overly interested in doing it all the time...she'd rather hang out on her side.

Unlike her big sister at this age, Emerson is NOT sleeping through the me Jesus. I'm hoping we turn that corner soon, but until then I'll continue to cherish my late night feeding with my girl.

We've started a couple tastes of "real" food, but I'll write more on that later.

Happy 5 months sweet girl! We love you.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Yazwinski Herd

 One of our favorite restaurants, Chick fil A, had their Cow Appreciation day. If you dressed up like a cow you got a free MEAL...the whole thing,drink, side and entree for FREE! So this "herd" put on our best cow apparel and "mooooved" on out for some good "feed."
 Getting ready to order.
 I had to include this picture...please notice Stella's doll...dressed like a cow too  :)
 Enjoying her chicken.
 Poor Emerson was asleep in her carseat when we got there and was very confused when she woke up...there were people dressed like cows EVERYWHERE. (For all of you that love girls in bows, YES, I know that bow is too small for the headband, but we seem to lose our big white one all the time and I didn't want people thinking she was a boy, so this was my next option :))
 Tom showing off his udder. We made a special trip to Tom's dad's office to get this udder  :)
Our herd. It was a fun little family outing! We might look silly, but it was a good time and we ran into a lot of friends too.

These are all phone pictures...just not enough hands to take in the good camera :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 I've said time and time again that this girl is ALL pricness, but she DOES have a little country in her too.
Tom's dad, aka Papa, is studying some sheep right now, so Stella had to check them out!
 She LOVED chasing them.

 But when Papa caught one for her to pet...she turned into a prissy princess again!
 Tom caught some cute candid pictures of her when we were leaving and I just love them. I know her hair is a mess...but that's always the case. I just love this munchkin!!

That sweet smile makes the harder days worth it! Overall, she may have a little country in her, but she's all princess  :)


I just had to share these sweet faces! I love them more than ever imagined!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

 i took the good camera on the 4th in hopes of getting a cute family shot after Tom was done working the game, but keeping a baby cool and fed and chasing a toddler left me with these pictures...maybe next year.
 Staying hydrated...and YES, the girls had coordinating outfits, but NO I did not get a picture..ugh!
 Aunt Lori and Uncle Julian doing their part to break the world record for most people playing air guitar, ha!
Stella has ALWAYS loved fireworks...this year, not so much. She warmed up to it after awhile,but was TERRIFIED at first. Emerson, on the other hand, wasn't phased by them one bit.