Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sizzlin Summer Fun

 If you live in Arkansas than you know it's hot, if you don't well, IT'S HOT! Tonight I decided Stella and I needed a little fun after Emerson went down. Tom was at a game, so we headed outside for a little fun in the pool. You see recently it's been soo hot outside you have to wait until after 7 to enjoy it. Even as I'm writing this (8:50) it's 88...92 heat index. What!?! Where's the Oregon summer's that I love. And it's supposed to be in the 100's this week..yikes. So we're having fun now.
 I was surprised Stella got so into it. Last time we tried this she wasn't interested.
 Getting water out of her bucket.

 Showing off her little pool.
 This girl is VERY SASSY. She posed like this and said take my picture. Oh Lord, please help us.

 Please look at that she is telling me we need more water. She's giving me the look like it's not an option and I need to hop on it. Well, we didn't need more water, ha!
 Sweet girl having fun.
I kid you not...
Me: "Stella what are you doing."
Stella:"Shhh mommy, I need to relax."

Oh how I dread the teen years  :)


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Lilly has been getting her serious face on too. It cracks me up!!

Stella is too cute and funny. I love that she needed to relax in quiet!

MidLifeClarkey said...

I have a threenager of a very similar nature. She regularly shakes her head at me and puts me in my place. A joy and a pleasure, aren't we incredibly lucky!