Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Future Daredevil?

We have been LOVING the weather the last couple days and Stella has been showing off in her jump house. To say she likes is, it an understatement! Anyway, we were outside and I went to grab the camera...when I turned around this is what I caught....
Stella was climbing on the ledge of the slide and flying high! I know Tom would NOT like this, but I had to capture it on camera.
Look at that air!
Pure JOY!
I know she looks upset here, but she was dying of laughter. I promise...we tamed down the jumping after this, but I had to capture it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Stella!

Today our sweet Stella turned 2! The day did not start according to play, but I'll explain that later.
I thought I'd share the party details with those who couldn't make it. So here's the bday banner. There's a picture of Stella with Minnie on the mantel next to flowers from Papa and Gaga. It was a Mickey/Minnie Party/tailgator.

The treat table. Since we just went to disney this summer I framed several pictures of Stella and had them around the house with her favorites...Mickey and Minnie.

I decided to make the cupcakes this year and they turned out ok...or at least I thought.

As Stella's friends left, they got a little good from Stella. There was a Mickey cut out that said "Thank You. See ya REAL soon. love Stella" and attached were silly bands.
Outside we had several little areas to entertain the little ones. This is the coloring table.

Reid is manning the "bowling" area.

I love this picture of Stella. She is peaking around the corner to see who else is arriving to the big party.
Coloring with friends Lilly and Bella.

This jump house was a HUGE hit. This was our present to Stella this year and she LOVES it. Her and Sallie are showing off their skills here.

Then Brody got in on all the fun.

Brody's sister, Jillian Kate, was the youngest guest...only 10 days old.

We also had some face painting. Thanks Aunt Lori and Uncle Julian for manning this station. Lori made the cute sign with the options on it!

Trenton sat patiently while he got an alien/robot.

Of course, we had to sing happy birthday so everyone could dig into the cupcakes. She tried blowing out her candle a couple times, so mommy stepped in to help.

Stella was spoiled by all her friends and got some great presents. She loves all of them!

And we ended the day in Yazwinski tradition at our house and marked Stella's height on a wall in our house to watch her growth. I love that she's keep her eye on me here.
Ok, back to the surprises on sweet Stella's birthday. Last night Stella woke up around 12:30 crying and saying her ear hurt. I immediately meant she had an ear infection and would be sleeping with us until we could get to the doctor. So, after waking up at 6:00 I ran around the house getting last minute things ready while Stella watched Mickey because I knew if we went to the doctor I wouldn't have time to get ready before guests arrived.
Sure enough Stella has an ear infection, but the doctor said she wasn't contagious and the party to go on. I was hesitant at first but he reassured me. So we picked up her prescription, raced home, changed, did a lot of stuff in a few minutes and then welcomed our guests.
Before they arrived I gave Stella her medicine, but she didn't want breakfast, so she took it on an empty stomach. Yes, you guessed it an hour later (DURING THE PARTY) she got sick. After she got sick she was back to playing/etc, but I wasn't counting on her getting sick while entertaining our friends and their kids. It was a little stressful, but she seemed fine. After another round of getting sick she was done and was fine the rest of the day. Yes, she was tired from little sleep the night before, but ready to play with her new toys.
I was hesitant to give her the medicine again tonight, but it said if they get an upset stomach (i guess it's common) feed them crackers or bread with the medicine. that seemed to work...yeah!
Anyway, that was a little "extra" excitement today, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
I thankful for this beautiful 2 year old and her growing personality!

Friday, September 24, 2010

She's Perfect!

Yesterday was a big day. Not only did we find out Stella is going to have a sister, but Stella had her 2 year check up and she's PERFECT. So after getting her flu shot she decided she needed to celebrate with Deacon and they had a blast in his jump house. (we go the same thing for Stella for her birthday, so she'll be excited when she sees it set up tomorrow morning.)

She is super happy, but please notice how much air Deacon is getting. This toy is SUPER FUN!

At her doctors appointment Stella was talking up a storm telling anyone who would listen about her upcoming mickey/minnie party it was so cute.
here are her stats...
height: 35 inches/ 75%
weight: 29 pounds/75%
and developmentally she is right on track. Oh how we love that little girl!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a....

We're already in love with this little profile! It didn't scan that clear, but trust me it's precious!
Here she is smiling at you. We were surprised when the ultrasound tech said girl, but we're so thrilled and excited about the new addition to our family. We have NO idea what we're going to name her, so if you have a suggestions let us know.
Thank you for all the sweet comments, texts, tweets, etc. We love you all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Future Husband?

It is ALWAYS a treat when our friends the Barnards visit northwest Arkansas...and today Stella was VERY excited Deacon was coming to play!
Don't they look like a little dating couple. This age is so fun because they really entertain themselves and play SOOO well together. But then again I think it's because they have a little crush on each other.

After all, most guys don't sit down for tea parties...UNLESS they're trying to impress a girl :)

They were SO sweet.

And of course, all relationships are complete when a puzzle is involved.
We get to see Deacon again tomorrow, so someone went to bed VERY excited!
Thanks for the visit Barnards.
Also, CONGRATS to my cousin and his family on their big news.

Monday, September 20, 2010

When Daddy's Away, The Girls Will Play...and Clean

This weekend Tom escaped the house and made a "guys" trip to Dallas for the Cowboys game. To say he had fun is an understatement. But we had fun too. (well, kind of...we were both sick, but we got to do ALL girl things) And that includes doing the laundry and of course, playing in the pile of pillows!
Stella was having a blast, but she did miss her daddy.

Then what is a girl's weekend without a tea party?
Stella is in the fun age of playing by herself and now she's having tea parties with all her best friends at her new table from Gaga and Papa.

I don't think I was invited.
We love this girl~~~
I can't believe she'll be 2 Saturday.
PS...we find out the gender of baby #2 Thursday. It's a busy and exciting week around here!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding Weekend in Pictures...it was AMAZING!

(I have LOTS more pics of all the events before the wedding, but that'll be another day)