Saturday, January 11, 2014

Potty Training Part 2p

Well, Emerson is potty trained. It was easier than I expected. Nothing is easy with this munchkin, BUT is she really potty trained?

Poor girl loves her big girl panties, but going number 2 stresses her out. I remember this with Stella, but as soon as we put a diaper on her she'd go. We did that so she wouldn't hold it for too long. I know this is a lot  of TMI, but Em can hold it even longer. The diaper trick doesn't work. Any tips? We've started a sticker chart and she loves it. We're hoping this helps and I bought my last box of pull ups tonight (at least that's what I keep telling myself), so we're hoping she relaxes a bit with #2.

Besides that...I can't believe we're ALMOST done with diapers! What? Where are my babies?

Friday, January 10, 2014

We're all in...12th Man!

 If you've followed the NFL at all this year, then you know we're living in a very exciting time for the Seattle Seahawks! Emme is a very proud fan. And despite what you may think she's not jumping on the 12th man bandwagon...she has loved the SEA-HAWKS since we moved here. She is a loyal fan. How cute is her skirt? My friend Lindsay made it...and is selling them if you want one!
 In an effort to take in all the football hype, we bundled up today and showed our team spirit at the big pep rally nearby. The girls were so excited to meet Blitz.
 I think daddy was excited too!
And we may not have tickets to tomorrows big game against the Saints, but we've got our team spirit. We're IN! And we've made it official...we now how a Seahawk flag flying outside our house. GO HAWKS!!!