Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lights of the Ozarks

Santa's little helper all bundled up and ready to go see the lighting of the Fayetteville Square.
We got this outfit at one of the baby showers...and I LOVE it!
Cozy in the stroller with her bunny.

Braving the chilly temps with mommy.

Watching the parade.
In awe of all the lights.
Still checking out the lights...there are a lot. If you get a chance to visit the
square it's worth it.
The entire family.

Saturday night we busted out the Christmas outfit and headed to the annual lighting of the Fayetteville square. Despite the traffic getting there it was a great time. There were kids everywhere and lots of vendors set up for families...selling glo sticks, hot chocolate, candy, etc. We got there just before the flipped the switch and lit up the sky and stayed to watch part of the parade and by then our little elf was tired and ready to return home. Not to mention the temperatures were dropping. It was a great night to spend as a family...I hope we make there every year as long as we live here. I'm ready to start some family traditions!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

2 Months

Well, we did it...Tom and I survived Stella's first round of shots. And of course she did great too. A couple loud screams, cuddling with mommy, and then it was all over.
The doctor says Stella is doing great. She now weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces (95 percentile) and is just under 23 inches long (90 percentile). I can't believe our baby is growing so much. While we were there the doctor was asking us if she was doing all the "regular" things like smiling, cooing, focusing on objects and as he asked she did each with him. I really think she was flirting with the doctor. Next week she flies for the first time so that should be interesting! But we are so excited to see everyone...we can hardly stand it! Now if only I can remember all the things I need to pack...this could get crazy.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot..Stella is sleeping really well. Most night's she wakes up for a midnight snack, but every now and then she snoozes away. She's slept through the night (no interruptions) four times.
I love this smile! This is the look we normally get when we're playing/talking on the floor.
Talking away...she loves to tell stories!
Smiling for Daddy. Please notice her hair standing up in the back...her hair is growing, but it sticks straight up...Tom loves that Stella has a little mohawk and if its not wildly sticking up...he makes sure to spike it every time he gives her a kiss.
This is Stella before her shots..the calm before the storm. Poor little thing has no idea what is about to happen. After her shots they game her a dinosaur band aide...I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn't bring myself to do it since she was upset.

Back home, safe in her swing with her new favorite toy...her bunny. How cute is this little one?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun in Little Rock

This weekend Tom, Stella and I headed to Little Rock for a baby shower...this time honoring Amy Carter...Mommy to Owen, due in December. We had a great time, but little Miss Stella was pooped. She was pretty fussy the entire time and was wiped out Saturday night. We stayed with the Woods and this was Stella's first time to meet the studly and oh-so-cute Chandler.
Amy made all the hostesses scarfs (how fun is that)...I love this picture!
Me and my girl before the party started...I think the room full of women overwhelmed this little one.
Stella was in awe of Chandler...I know you can't see his face here, but you can see that Stella just watched everything he did.

Then they got a little more one on one time Sunday morning before church.
Checking each other out.
Getting a little closer.
Getting even closer...Chandler knew he had to move slow...Stella's daddy was in the room.
And he did it...they're holding hands! How cute!

And after a big weekend of partying and flirting...this was Stella on the way home. She slept the entire way home and then took a long nap (and so did mommy).

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Hunting Season

Deer season kicked off this weekend so Tom headed to the woods..and although he came home empty handed his little sidekick was waiting in her hunting gear to welcome him home. My dad bought Stella this camo onesie before she was born...and yes there is lace around the neck and on the butt.
Daddy's little girl!
Sweet Kisses!
The duck slippers are from a friend in Oregon..I thought it was appropriate to wear with her hunting gear since we hope the Beavers hunt down the Ducks later this month in the civil war game.
Playing with Mommy while we wait for Mr. Hunter to return home.

Friday, November 7, 2008

In Our Sunday Best

Sunday Stella was honored at Tom's parents church, Central United Methodist. As you can see I finally gave in and put a bow in her hair. I think they are so silly that they are cute. As we were getting ready to leave...everyone was dressed ready to go...Miss Stella spit up everywhere. Amazingly she totally missed herself and got it on me. Thank goodness it's all about her anyway because I just grabbed whatever was on the floor and off we went. After the service Stella got this pink carnation from the church...but notice by the time we took pictures she'd lost her bow and socks. It is so great to know there are church members we don't even know praying for our little one. We are so thankful for all the prayers and support!

6 Weeks

Stella continues to grow and do little things everyday. I know I say this every week, but I really can't believe it's been 6 weeks. It's sad to think I'm half way through my maternity leave, but I'm ready to enjoy the next 6 weeks to the fullest!

This week...
Grabbing toys (once we get them to her hand)
Still trying to roll over to one side
Refusing to take a bottle or paci..any suggestions?
Smiling more and more
Lifting her head more during tummy time
Trying to talk!
Growing...Tom and I got the tape measure out (I know not very accurate, but...) she was 22 inches

Saturday Fun with the Girls

As usual a home Hog game brought in the crowds and that means fun for the Yazwinskis. Heather and Reese hung out with Stella and me while Heather's hubby cheered on the Hogs. We also got a special visit from Annie (seen in this picture) and Lauren "Rector" Kimble (in the pic below). It was great to catch up with them!

Stella started the day in her Razorback dress, but she is not the biggest fan of dresses so she opted for the onesie...she was exhausted after a day of fun with the girls!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Little Pumpkin

Tom worked on carving all week...the pumpkins below were for Stella's first Halloween. He also made a KNWA pumpkin for the morning show.

Stella is not quite sure what to think of her Aunt Lori (aka Julian dressed up as Tom's sister).

Grandma Hart sent her this cute outfit. As you can tell from the pictures Stella wasn't quite sure at first...but then was a very HAPPY pumpkin. The station was handing out candy to kids on the square Halloween afternoon so we ventured out...Stella was a little overwhelmed by the crowd, but enjoyed see all the other little ones and the KNWA news crew. As for the rest of the night, we just stayed in as a family (as you can see Grandma & Grandpa Yaz stopped by and Stella cuddled with her grandpa) and handed out candy to all of our neighborhood kids...there was quite a crowd. Then in true Stella fashion...she passed out for a good nights sleep..dreaming of what she'll be next Halloween.

5 Weeks Old

Smiling after a yummy meal. Stella is smiling more and more everyday!
Loving on Daddy.
I thought this shirt made her look so much older...she was talking to Mommy here.
Taking a nap in her big girl bed...she looks so itty bitty!