Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Little Pumpkin

Tom worked on carving all week...the pumpkins below were for Stella's first Halloween. He also made a KNWA pumpkin for the morning show.

Stella is not quite sure what to think of her Aunt Lori (aka Julian dressed up as Tom's sister).

Grandma Hart sent her this cute outfit. As you can tell from the pictures Stella wasn't quite sure at first...but then was a very HAPPY pumpkin. The station was handing out candy to kids on the square Halloween afternoon so we ventured out...Stella was a little overwhelmed by the crowd, but enjoyed see all the other little ones and the KNWA news crew. As for the rest of the night, we just stayed in as a family (as you can see Grandma & Grandpa Yaz stopped by and Stella cuddled with her grandpa) and handed out candy to all of our neighborhood kids...there was quite a crowd. Then in true Stella fashion...she passed out for a good nights sleep..dreaming of what she'll be next Halloween.


heather said...

Syd...that's a great picture of the three of you on the square. :) So fun to see you Saturday.

Robin said...

and, where are the 6 week pictures? just kidding...oh, wait...not really! :0) gotta see my girl!!!!!

and, the pic of the 3 of you is great!