Saturday, November 22, 2008

2 Months

Well, we did it...Tom and I survived Stella's first round of shots. And of course she did great too. A couple loud screams, cuddling with mommy, and then it was all over.
The doctor says Stella is doing great. She now weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces (95 percentile) and is just under 23 inches long (90 percentile). I can't believe our baby is growing so much. While we were there the doctor was asking us if she was doing all the "regular" things like smiling, cooing, focusing on objects and as he asked she did each with him. I really think she was flirting with the doctor. Next week she flies for the first time so that should be interesting! But we are so excited to see everyone...we can hardly stand it! Now if only I can remember all the things I need to pack...this could get crazy.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot..Stella is sleeping really well. Most night's she wakes up for a midnight snack, but every now and then she snoozes away. She's slept through the night (no interruptions) four times.
I love this smile! This is the look we normally get when we're playing/talking on the floor.
Talking away...she loves to tell stories!
Smiling for Daddy. Please notice her hair standing up in the back...her hair is growing, but it sticks straight up...Tom loves that Stella has a little mohawk and if its not wildly sticking up...he makes sure to spike it every time he gives her a kiss.
This is Stella before her shots..the calm before the storm. Poor little thing has no idea what is about to happen. After her shots they game her a dinosaur band aide...I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn't bring myself to do it since she was upset.

Back home, safe in her swing with her new favorite toy...her bunny. How cute is this little one?


Kylie, Jesse and Asher said...

What a beautiful baby! I hope you have a great time in Portland with the family. Hunter will love Stella! Have a great trip.

The Rogers said...

I flew with Sofia at 6 months. I was very nervous becasue I was by myself. Everything was great, I put her in the sling. I would totally recommend it. She was calm because she loved being in it. It will go great. I am amazed how big she has gotten already.