Saturday, May 26, 2012

Schools Out for Summer!

 My sweet, nervous, stuffed daisy carrying, timid, short wearing, wispy hair girl
 with a unknowing
 Growing up! Now she's my confident, sassy, dress wearing,, bun styled hair, opinionated
 school-loving Stella. It amazes me how much she's grown/changed in the last few months. I can't believe another school year is over. I'm excited for some summer time fun.
 I know Stella will miss her girls this summer but we hope to have a couple playdates.
 Stella has already been asking when she gets to see Mrs. Amanda again. This girl LOVES her teachers.
 And Mrs. Merrily. Both have been amazing this past school year. Next year Stella will go 3 days a week and is so excited about preschool she is already asking when she gets to go back. We are so thankful for the Sonshine School!
And because I need a reminder that she's still my funny little girl :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance

 It's the dance recital that almost didn't happen. Notice the excitement :) She hated how the dress itched her and after a few tears and lots of bribery encouragement she decided she'd see what the dress rehearsal was all about.
 It was a little early to be peppy :)
 Pleasing mom with a smile. It may be fake, but I got one.
 Warming up to the idea since her friends were on board.
 Once this little lollipop girl took the stage...any hesitation went out the door.
 She loved the lights, action, and ATTENTION!
 Stella did great.
 Big KISS at the end.
 Most of her little dance buddies. They did great at the rehearsal but were stars the day of the performance. I decided to put the camera down and just soak in the fun during the "real" deal. I don't want the girls lives to flash before my eyes through the camera lens. It was awesome to just sit there and watching my little ballerina.
Kate, Ashlen, and Stella. They had so much fun and if she's still talking about her lollipop dance in a couple months I'm sure we'll be returning to Art in Motion for another year of dance.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

School Program

 Someone spotted her daddy! It was so fun to watch the end of the year program. Stella was really into it this year.
 She had all the motions down and was making sure everyone else was doing their part
 Yes sir!
 Spotted again :) Love that sweet girl.
 Stella and Ella. This year Stella loved her "girls" from school. She looked forward to seeing them every Monday and Wednesday.
Amelia, Stella and Ella.
We love the Sonshine school. Stella is excited that most of her "girls" will be back next fall. We hope to have playdates this summer so these cuties can keep on top of each other's style and princess updates.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Running of the Bases

 It's minor league baseball season so that means Tom is at the ball park a lot this time of year, BUT it also mean the kids get to run the bases! Stella has loved doing this the past couple years. But as you can tell, Miss Thang sat this one out.
 Instead Emerson did it for the first time!
 It was taking awhile and she was distracted by the sprinklers and pretty grass.
 But all in all she seemed to have a blast.
 And since Stella didn't "get to" (note: she chose to pout on the sidelines because she wanted to go the park first) run...we make a quick trip to the ballparks play area.
And then everyone left happy. I know we'll be back to run the bases soon. We've got ALL summer :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Splish Splash

 Today Tom/Daddy had the itch to get out and do something "fun." So after naps we headed out to our local splash pad and the girls loved it!
Of course, our wild child jumped right in and got down and dirty wet. Seriously, the water did not phase her.
 Miss Priss, on the other hand, took some convincing.
 But she quickly followed her little sisters lead.
 Daddy's plans even included a picnic dinner...and the first watermelon of the season. It was a hit!
 Emme got sick of waiting for bites from daddy...and it charge of her own melon. :)
 After dinner we walked the beautiful trails near the splash pad and look who Stella found. Stella the pig.
And if this isn't proof of a good time I don't know what is.

15 Months

Emerson Kate is 15 months old!!!
What in the world? Where is all this time going?

Right now she is such a fun age and oh my goodness...she has a personality.
There is no doubt she's a defiant little stinker, but she's also the sweetest snuggler.
Emerson has a little trouble hearing me when I say "no" but if daddy says it...she listens :)
She LOVES Stella and giver her lots of hugs through the day.
If Stella is still in bed (she's my good sleeper) Emerson thinks it's so funny to bust in her room.
Emerson also loves our dog Diesel. Sometimes she loves him a little too much.
Emme is a big fan of her grandparents. Her Papa's especially. It's kind of crazy how excited she gets when she sees my dad on skype.
She's still a great eater. Recently, she's joined me in my new love of hummus. Tom and Stella are disgusted.
Emerson is quite the dancer and usually freaks out for us to turn on Fresh Beat Band (one of Stella's shows) so she can dance to the music. Her dance moves look a little like the chicken dance :)
If she's not dancing she is usually climbing on something and thinks it's so funny.
There is no doubt that Emerson understands everything we're saying.
Sometimes she'll repeat words we say to her,but not much.
Right now some of her words include:
Mama & Dada
Papa & Gaga (still working on Grammie)
Duck & quack quack
Let's Go (Tom doesn't believe me, but I've heard it a couple times)
Bye Bye
Peaze (for please)

Emme is still our peanut. She wears a size 3 diaper. Just moved up to a size 4 shoe.
She's mostly in 12-18 month clothes, but there are still several 9 months and 6-12 months things she wears.
Her eyes are still a beautiful blue and BIG.
Her teeth are finally coming in. I think she has 5 on the bottom and 6 on top.
She still has her paci. Usually just in the car and bed...oh and the nursery on Sunday.
We still love her to pieces and can't wait what she surprises us with next.

I never believed I could love another soul as much as I love Stella, but boy did Emerson prove me wrong. I'm so blessed to have them in my life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Dedication

 This year's Mother's day was extra special because Emerson was dedicated at church. It was a sweet time. We, as her parents, committed to raise her up the best we can (with God's help OF COURSE), but also the church committed to pray for sweet Emerson and for us as her parents. She wasn't quite sure what to think about being in front of everyone.
 Afterwards I caught some sweet pictures of the girls because I thought they looked so precious and it was beautiful outside.
 Someone loves her daddy.
 Ok, so all I wanted for Mother's day was for us to get a family picture. Well, I know this looks silly and I obviously needed a little (or alot) spray tan before baring my legs in public. I could crop it and it would be a lot cuter. But lets face it...I barely have time to get these pictures on the blog let alone tweek them. And I really don't know how on my computer. So I hope you like the picture...white legs and all. Just being real!  :)
And this is what my MOTHER'S DAY is all about. I can't believe God gave me these to little BLESSINGS! I hope and PRAY I'm doing a good job :) After all, I've been blessed with some of the BEST role models in my life growing up and NOW!

Happy Mother's Day!

"She laughs with no fear of the future for her hope is in Me." Proverbs 31:25

--This is my prayer for my sweet Emme. That she will commit her life to Jesus early and use that
spunky personality to share Him with others!

He's got might big plans for you E...I just know it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muffins with Mom

Yesterday was Muffins with mom at Stella's preschool. I knew it'd be impossible to get a picture once we got to school so we snapped a couple on my phone for fun before we headed out.

Love this sweet girl.
Silly face. Stella got the biggest kick out of the fact we both stuck out our tongues.
She very rarely sits still these days to take a picture, but I think she liked being able to see herself on the iPhone screen. Whatever it takes.

Then Emerson wanted in on the fun.

Silly! Please notice the space between E's top teeth. I LOVE it.
These are Stella's little friends from school. Evie, Stella, Amelia, and Ella. Muffins with Mom should have been Muffins with friends. These girls LOVE to be around each other. They squeal, laugh, dance and talk all things girly. Stella usually always wears a dress to school because that's what "her girls" will be wearing. And of course they always show each other their dresses and if they twirl. Oh the life of 3 year olds :)
Stella was bummed Addyson wasn't in this picture so I'll have to remember next time to get ALL the girls.