Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muffins with Mom

Yesterday was Muffins with mom at Stella's preschool. I knew it'd be impossible to get a picture once we got to school so we snapped a couple on my phone for fun before we headed out.

Love this sweet girl.
Silly face. Stella got the biggest kick out of the fact we both stuck out our tongues.
She very rarely sits still these days to take a picture, but I think she liked being able to see herself on the iPhone screen. Whatever it takes.

Then Emerson wanted in on the fun.

Silly! Please notice the space between E's top teeth. I LOVE it.
These are Stella's little friends from school. Evie, Stella, Amelia, and Ella. Muffins with Mom should have been Muffins with friends. These girls LOVE to be around each other. They squeal, laugh, dance and talk all things girly. Stella usually always wears a dress to school because that's what "her girls" will be wearing. And of course they always show each other their dresses and if they twirl. Oh the life of 3 year olds :)
Stella was bummed Addyson wasn't in this picture so I'll have to remember next time to get ALL the girls.

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