Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Dedication

 This year's Mother's day was extra special because Emerson was dedicated at church. It was a sweet time. We, as her parents, committed to raise her up the best we can (with God's help OF COURSE), but also the church committed to pray for sweet Emerson and for us as her parents. She wasn't quite sure what to think about being in front of everyone.
 Afterwards I caught some sweet pictures of the girls because I thought they looked so precious and it was beautiful outside.
 Someone loves her daddy.
 Ok, so all I wanted for Mother's day was for us to get a family picture. Well, I know this looks silly and I obviously needed a little (or alot) spray tan before baring my legs in public. I could crop it and it would be a lot cuter. But lets face it...I barely have time to get these pictures on the blog let alone tweek them. And I really don't know how on my computer. So I hope you like the picture...white legs and all. Just being real!  :)
And this is what my MOTHER'S DAY is all about. I can't believe God gave me these to little BLESSINGS! I hope and PRAY I'm doing a good job :) After all, I've been blessed with some of the BEST role models in my life growing up and NOW!

Happy Mother's Day!

"She laughs with no fear of the future for her hope is in Me." Proverbs 31:25

--This is my prayer for my sweet Emme. That she will commit her life to Jesus early and use that
spunky personality to share Him with others!

He's got might big plans for you E...I just know it!

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