Thursday, May 17, 2012

Running of the Bases

 It's minor league baseball season so that means Tom is at the ball park a lot this time of year, BUT it also mean the kids get to run the bases! Stella has loved doing this the past couple years. But as you can tell, Miss Thang sat this one out.
 Instead Emerson did it for the first time!
 It was taking awhile and she was distracted by the sprinklers and pretty grass.
 But all in all she seemed to have a blast.
 And since Stella didn't "get to" (note: she chose to pout on the sidelines because she wanted to go the park first) run...we make a quick trip to the ballparks play area.
And then everyone left happy. I know we'll be back to run the bases soon. We've got ALL summer :)

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