Monday, December 28, 2009

Beaver Believer & Christmas Treats

Of course, we can't visit Papa and GaGa and NOT support the Beavs, so we lucked out and got to dress up in all our gear and cheer on the Beavers during their bowl game. This picture is just too cute!

Thankfully GaGa was prepared for when the little ones lost interest in the game...and well, when the game took a turn for the worse. We made this beautiful Gingerbread house!

Hunter and Stella were eyeing what piece would be just right on their special house. I'm pretty sure Hunter ate a majority of the decorations and Stella sure tried to help.

Getting the green frosting ready for Aunt Booba.

But we didn't stop at the Gingerbread house...we also made molasses cookies. They are so good! Stella really got into it when Hunter showed her how to do it.

Checking out there work.

Yummy cookies and Hunter said the dough was good too :)

Santa Came!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your holiday was as enjoyable as ours. As you can see we were up before the sun at my parents house...ahhh, the joys of watching Christmas through a little ones eyes. Stella is still waking up, Sawyer is not awake yet, but Mr. Hunter was geared up ready to go...those goggles are part of his present. :) Thanks Papa and GaGa for a great Christmas morning!
Stella got MORE little people...she has quite the collection now. I'll have to count them all when we get home, but she has over 20.

Santa brought Hunter this awesome tool really does look like the real thing and he LOVES it.

He spent much of the day measuring and "fixing" things

Stella loves the song "Little Teapot" and Santa brought her a doll that sings cute. She does the dance everytime!

YES! it was EARLY.
This was just the beginning of the presents...I think we'll need a couple extra bags to get home, but the kids had so much fun and we are so blessed!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Craziness!

Stella reading her new book during the craziness of 25 people opening presents! My grandma, Stella's great grandma, enjoying the scene of great grandkids going crazy with excitement. Every Christmas eve growing up we went to my "mommom and pa's" house with the extended family! I love it when we're able to make it home to join in on the fun!

Stella's first Barbie...looks like Booba and I are excited about it too.

Checking out her first Barbie.

Second cousins, Gracie and Augie loved playing with Stella.

Hunter sacked out after a morning of playing and a yummy dinner.

Hunter had so much fun at dinner he passed out at the dinner was hilarious!

Out cold.

We have this on video...hopefully I can post it was hilarious! Mind you there were 25 people eating at this time, kids playing, babies crying and Hunter was asleep.

My grandma has had this "kitty" for as long as I can remember and Stella LOVED it.

Family picture. Yes, Stella has been crying. We took a HUGE family picture of 25 and Stella did NOT enjoy it at all!

My dad with my nephew Sawyer.

Me and my girl.

More fun with Augie and Gracie.

The cutest little reindeer!

O Christmas Tree

Tom and Beau carrying out the tree that Hunter picked.

These pictures are out of order, but you get the idea. Here is the tree complete and as you can tell Santa has already visited.

Hunter and Stella decorating the tree with Grandma or as Stella calls her, GaGa.

Walking back after picking the PERFECT tree.

Yes, it was raining but this little girl LOVED it. She would go searching for mud puddles and splash in them. I guess that's the Oregonian coming out in her.

How cute is this? Hunter grabbed Stella's hand while they watched Papa cut down the Christmas tree.

Taking a quick break while on the search for the perfect tree.

Stella was very independent on the search for the tree. She did NOT want to be carried and walked through the mud and trees on her own and LOVED it.

There are Christmas tree farms everywhere in Oregon and this one had free pony rides. It was a little wet outside, but hey, it's Oregon and this is a tradition :)

Hunter enjoyed a pony ride too.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Season for Giving

I told you a few days ago that Tom was raising money for the Salvation Army...well, today is the big day. After a couple of weeks raising money online he was out there ringing the bell in front of one of our local Sam's Club. Stella and I decided to stop by for a visit. And let me tell you...he was having so much fun. He recruited Strike (our minor league baseball team mascot) to help out and the meteorologist from the morning show joined in on the fun on his way home from work. And of course, Stella rang the bell right before her and I went inside to buy some goodies.
Can you tell he's a proud daddy? It really was fun to see how much fun they were having trying to raise money for the homeless. As some of you know, this is also a competition. Tom is going against the local Fox anchor too.

Stella and I stopped by to visit Brad at the other Sam's Club. He was doing great too and enjoying the nice weather.
I have to admit this has been fun for me to watch. When the competition first started both Brad and Tom were go-getters and encouraging people to help the homeless, but then they got a surprise of all surprises last night. An anonymous donor gave $2,500 to EACH of their kettles. They were stoked. It just goes to prove they're in it to raise money and awareness NOT to beat each other, but that does make it more of a challenge for these to competitive guys. But it was so great to see that there are still people out there that give just to give...not for glory, not for recognition...just to help others out. THANK YOU to everyone that helped them reach their goal.
I hope we can all remember the reason for the season!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We finally made it back up to the square to take some pictures. Stella liked a lot more this go around since there wasn't a huge crowd. But Miss Independent DID NOT want to be held so here she is on the go.
The fam.
Daddy's girl.
I love this girl!
She loved the horses!
Trying to get one of her in the lights.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, we tried...

If you haven't read the blog in awhile there are SEVERAL new posts below this one about our Christmas in Fayetteville.
But we tried to take a family picture, but someone didn't want to smile or be held. SO this is what we've got :)
Grammie looks cute...if only the Christmas Princess was looking at the camera.
Ha...Stella thought it was funny that we were trying to get her to sit still...come on there were new toys to play with everywhere.
Maybe next time.
Grammie and Papa look great!
I know no one is looking at the camera, but I LOVE this picture. Can you tell that Stella is loved just a little :)