Monday, December 28, 2009

Beaver Believer & Christmas Treats

Of course, we can't visit Papa and GaGa and NOT support the Beavs, so we lucked out and got to dress up in all our gear and cheer on the Beavers during their bowl game. This picture is just too cute!

Thankfully GaGa was prepared for when the little ones lost interest in the game...and well, when the game took a turn for the worse. We made this beautiful Gingerbread house!

Hunter and Stella were eyeing what piece would be just right on their special house. I'm pretty sure Hunter ate a majority of the decorations and Stella sure tried to help.

Getting the green frosting ready for Aunt Booba.

But we didn't stop at the Gingerbread house...we also made molasses cookies. They are so good! Stella really got into it when Hunter showed her how to do it.

Checking out there work.

Yummy cookies and Hunter said the dough was good too :)

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