Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Season for Giving

I told you a few days ago that Tom was raising money for the Salvation Army...well, today is the big day. After a couple of weeks raising money online he was out there ringing the bell in front of one of our local Sam's Club. Stella and I decided to stop by for a visit. And let me tell you...he was having so much fun. He recruited Strike (our minor league baseball team mascot) to help out and the meteorologist from the morning show joined in on the fun on his way home from work. And of course, Stella rang the bell right before her and I went inside to buy some goodies.
Can you tell he's a proud daddy? It really was fun to see how much fun they were having trying to raise money for the homeless. As some of you know, this is also a competition. Tom is going against the local Fox anchor too.

Stella and I stopped by to visit Brad at the other Sam's Club. He was doing great too and enjoying the nice weather.
I have to admit this has been fun for me to watch. When the competition first started both Brad and Tom were go-getters and encouraging people to help the homeless, but then they got a surprise of all surprises last night. An anonymous donor gave $2,500 to EACH of their kettles. They were stoked. It just goes to prove they're in it to raise money and awareness NOT to beat each other, but that does make it more of a challenge for these to competitive guys. But it was so great to see that there are still people out there that give just to give...not for glory, not for recognition...just to help others out. THANK YOU to everyone that helped them reach their goal.
I hope we can all remember the reason for the season!

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