Tuesday, October 30, 2012

T-Ball Princesses

 As part of the sports class Stella is in they cover soccer, t-ball and basketball. This was the last week for t-ball and these two hardcore teammates dressed the part. Don't all t-ball players wear princess gear?
 Waiting for their turn at bat. Out of the 12 kiddos in the class there are 3 girls...and ALL were wearing princess shirts this week.
 There were no tears during this rotation so I think Stella understood how to play t-ball a little better than soccer.
 This little peanut was a big time cheerleader this week. It was super cute.
I know this picture is blurry, but I had to include it because I love the look of determination on her face and she is sticking out her tongue (something I did when playing sports).
Next week we kick off basketball...we'll see how these princesses do :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treating Along the Seattle Pier

 A couple Disney Princesses traded in their high heals for rain boots for a little trick or treating. Today we headed down to the Seattle Pier with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to jump start our Halloween sugar high.
 Stella got this dress for her birthday from my grandma for dress up but she's been saving it for Halloween. She loves Sleeping Beauty and kept telling everyone that she was Sleeping Beauty and her sister was Snow White. Stella loved every minute of walking along the pier.
 Snow White wasn't quite sure why people were giving her candy. Believe it or not it even warmed up for a bit to shed their coats (but only for a bit).
 Posing, but she got photo bombed.
 Saying cheese. This is the best I can get these days of this busy 20 month old.
 Sassy Sleeping Beauty.
 Loading up.
 And like any good princess in the pacific northwest, we finished our outing with some seafood and feeding the seagulls.
It was a perfect day for the family outing. We went when it first started so Tom could show us around before heading to work. It never rained and there were even breaks in the clouds and we saw some sun. Love making family memories...especially when it includes two very sweet princesses.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

4 Year Old Stats: Stella Lee

Stella's birthday post is finally up...CLICK HERE for some rainbow fun.

 I saved these pictures so I would remember to post Stella's 4 year old stats. Every year we mark our kids height on a wall at our house. Well, this year is a transition year for us with the move and before we left Arkansas Tom marked their heights on this tape measure. His parents were sweet enough to drive my car out to us and Tom was adamant that they remember the tape measure (we left it because we didn't think our stuff would still be in Arkansas). Oh the adventures of moving.
Anyway, they remembered it, so before bed on her 4th birthday Tom got to work.
This week we finally got Stella into the doctor for her check up (yes, I miss our peds in Arkansas) but we got through it :)

Our sweet girl is...

42 pounds...95th percentile weight
44 inches tall...97th percentile height

No shocker there. Stella towers over friends her age and even older. The doctor says she's on track to be 5'9, so we'll see.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 A couple weekends ago we bundled up in our rain gear and headed out to a local pumpkin patch. It was a good time. We met our friends, the Bealls, there.
 My pumpkins. Emerson LOVED the pumpkin patch...she got such a kick out of it.
 I love how E is looking at Stella here.
 Stella with her best bud, Piper. These girls have so much fun together. I'm so thankful for this friendship!
 Ha, my attempt at a group shot. Piper, Stella, Cooper and Emerson. (little Summer was bundled up in her carrier)
I LOVE fall and look forward to the pumpkin patch every year. I hope to make this family tradition. There are several pumpkin patches around here to choose from.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm an Ugly Ole Troll...

 Creepy, I know!
Meet the Fremont Troll in Seattle. A couple weeks ago Tom mentioned there was a big Troll under one of the Seattle bridges. For some reason (I'm pretty sure it's linked to Dora) this spiked Stella's interest. She was asking pretty regularly to go see the Troll. This is NOT what I pictured at all. I had no idea it was so huge. If I'm honest I probably pictured something more like the cartoon troll from Dora :)

Anyway, after a few VERY early mornings with Emerson...Tom let me go back to  bed this morning and then ventured out with the girls to see the troll. Stella was a fan.
And poor Emerson hated the creeper. Tom said if he put her down she clung to his leg. This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. Poor girl is terrified. I don't blame her...it's a bit different than Dora's troll under the bridge :)

Stella has talked about the Troll all day. I'm sure we'll go back and Ill get to see it up close and personal.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy 50th Space Needle

 Today Seattle's famous Space Needle is celebrating 50 years. Tom was at work but sent me a text saying if you feel wild it's only $1 to go up the Space Needle. Ha, well boy did I feel wild. Both girls were not napping and just singing in their rooms, so I got them up and off we went.
 It was pretty busy but super cool. This is the view from the line down below. Stella was pretty pumped considering she points it out every time we're downtown. The girls did GREAT waiting in line. It was about an hour wait and kind of chilly. I was pleasantly surprised considering neither had napped and I was conquering this adventure solo.
 Stella was pretty excited about the telescope.
 My little explorer.
 Look at the view. The weather wasn't perfect but it stopped raining while we were on the deck and it was neat to see the storms in the distance.
 Emerson wasn't so sure of this place. Love the view of the city.
 Emerson, did however, love sitting in the middle of the floor inside and yelling cheese. I think we have a class clown.
 This is the view towards Tom's station.
And this was my view on the way home. They were tuckered out.
The only thing that would've made this trip better was if Tom had been there.

I should note, I'm thankful it was only $1 today. The Space Needle is amazing and I'd love to go back, but there's no way I would pay $12 for Stella (at least at this age). She loved it, but we weren't there long enough to justify 12 bucks. However, it would be an incredible date night. There's office up top and place to just sit and chat. I'm sure I'll be back. There's no doubt the Space Needle is a big tourist attraction.

Emerson Update

 Oh this expression on Miss Emerson says so much about her personality! She is a feisty, independent, cuddle bug (on her terms), load, moody sweet pea. We recently went to the Oregon State tailgater with my parents and she had a blast.
 It was a beautiful day and she got to go into the game with me. She loved the first 10 minutes then passed out in my lap.
 At the tailgater she found an adult drink and was so proud that she got it away from it's owner. Oh help us :)
 Emerson is loving all the parks and slides like her big sister.
 Cheesing it up at breakfast.
 Little Miss On The Go should probably still take a morning nap because she gets up EARLY, but refuses to, so this is how she usually ends up after a couple minutes in the car.
 To say Emerson is into everything is an understatement! Our current living quarters are not very big at all, BUT somehow this girl can disappear and go silent. Recently she's been spotted under the bed and tucked away in the far corner of our closet. Funny girl

And while this spunky one keeps us on our toes and sometimes spikes my blood pressure...I love every minute with her.

She still doesn't say much with words, but her expressions always tell a story. She understands everything we say, so I'm assuming she'll be talking non stop soon in the near future. She still only weighs 22 pounds and has the longest/skinniest little legs. She adores her sister (most of the time) and thinks her daddy hung the moon, I'm pretty sure she likes me, but I'm also the first person she wants to get mad at. We love you sweet Emerson...I can't believe you're already 20 months!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

First Sleepover

To say she was excited is a major understatement. My childhood best friend, Courtney, lives nearby and we've been attached at the hip since we moved here. Thankfully Court has a little girl, Piper, and her and Stella are best friends.

 Look at all the princess love and all that PINK. They watched a princess movie before bed, sported their matching princess jammies, shared princess dolls for the night, and cuddled up in their princess sleeping bags and pillows.Do you see a theme? It was cute. They giggled and talked for quite awhile before passing out.
She was so excited to be with Piper. I'm so thankful she's got a close friend here. She misses her friends in Arkansas and talks about them regularly, but I think having Piper around has helped the transition.

I'm sure this is the first of MANY sleepovers in their future.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hairy Situation

 For a couple months now we've been talking about cutting Stella's hair. One day she's all for it (that's normally after we brush through it after bath time), but then she goes back to wanting Rapunzel hair. Thanks Disney.
 I know it's a bit stringy and definitely needs a trim, but today when she was really ready to cut it...i started to have cold feet.

 I don't want my sweet 4 year old to look too old!
 Besides combing it...I think it's cute and funny that she ALWAYS has food in these long locks.
 And while it drives me crazy that her hair is always in her face, I love that I can throw it in a ponytail and call it good.
 SO after deciding she wanted to keep it long for Halloween (she's going as Sleeping Beauty) I'm relieved.
 But I know after bath tonight, before bed as I I brush her hair I'll want to make an appointment for the minute we're done trick or treating.
Here's where I need some advice...Stella likes her long hair and so do I but I need some tricks on getting it out of her face. i don't know how to french braid...I need to learn. So, any tips for cute dos? Her hair is super straight and fine, but THICK.

I know it's just hair. I'm having fun with this. Stella normally just wants a clip in it, but i would take any tips :)

FYI, if she wants to cut it we're going to go for an inverted bob. I know it'll be cute.