Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've Never Been Good at Goodbyes

 I know, I know...this is LONG overdue. I didn't have our computer for awhile and since getting back I've either been too busy or too tired to update the blog. But for the one person that keeps up with us I'll do my best to be better. Before we left Arkansas our sweet friends the McCourts let us invite all our fun friends and their kiddos to their house for one last get together.
How cute is the map Joel made for the brownies. So sweet
 Emerson was loving on Josiah big time that night. I guess she wasn't ready to say goodbye
 Stella and her friend Ashlen.
 Stella with Jenna. Jenna was our flower girl in our wedding!
Crazy how fast time flies. I was shocked when I welled up in tears saying goodbye to her. I've been around for most of her life (besides 2 years in Little Rock).
 Cilla, Ashlen and Stella...silly girls
 Silly girls with their daddies. I love that Flint and Tom are good friends because I just love Cilla's mommy, Rebekah! It's always fun for the entire family to get along :)
I'm sad that's all the pictures I took that night, but between chasing after Emerson and chatting...well I just didn't pick up the camera enough.
 And the week before the girls and I left to join Tom I let Stella invite ALL her friends to Boingo Bounce for one last hooray. (I swear we dragged out the goodbyes)!!
Stella was so excited Maye was able to come. Stell was a little overwhelmed because all her worlds were in one room. Church friends, dance friends, playgroup friends, get the point...this girl was very social!
 I had hoped to chat some with the moms, but this spunky one insisted on going on the big slide. So, lucky me got to climb to the top and slide over and over. Ok, I admit, it was fun.
 This is the best group shot I could get and we're missing some. Cilla, Lilly, Hannah, Stella, Ella, Emerson and Emily.
Stella's best school buds...Evie and Ella.

We sure do miss all these sweet faces and their mommies. It's been a great time in Washington and we're working on finding a routine and settling in. Stella has missed her friends and asks about them often. She has a new best buddy here, but she cherishes her memories with those of you in Arkansas.
So many of you have been sweet to call and even facetime and Stella loves it! And for those who have sent cards and little trinkets in the mail for my big 4 year old...THANK YOU! I know I've got lifelong friends in Arkansas, but it's heartwarming to know Stella does to.
Love y'all! and miss you.
Come visit anytime  :)

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