Saturday, October 27, 2012

4 Year Old Stats: Stella Lee

Stella's birthday post is finally up...CLICK HERE for some rainbow fun.

 I saved these pictures so I would remember to post Stella's 4 year old stats. Every year we mark our kids height on a wall at our house. Well, this year is a transition year for us with the move and before we left Arkansas Tom marked their heights on this tape measure. His parents were sweet enough to drive my car out to us and Tom was adamant that they remember the tape measure (we left it because we didn't think our stuff would still be in Arkansas). Oh the adventures of moving.
Anyway, they remembered it, so before bed on her 4th birthday Tom got to work.
This week we finally got Stella into the doctor for her check up (yes, I miss our peds in Arkansas) but we got through it :)

Our sweet girl is...

42 pounds...95th percentile weight
44 inches tall...97th percentile height

No shocker there. Stella towers over friends her age and even older. The doctor says she's on track to be 5'9, so we'll see.

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Booba & the Boys said...

Stella and Hunter are the same height!