Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy 50th Space Needle

 Today Seattle's famous Space Needle is celebrating 50 years. Tom was at work but sent me a text saying if you feel wild it's only $1 to go up the Space Needle. Ha, well boy did I feel wild. Both girls were not napping and just singing in their rooms, so I got them up and off we went.
 It was pretty busy but super cool. This is the view from the line down below. Stella was pretty pumped considering she points it out every time we're downtown. The girls did GREAT waiting in line. It was about an hour wait and kind of chilly. I was pleasantly surprised considering neither had napped and I was conquering this adventure solo.
 Stella was pretty excited about the telescope.
 My little explorer.
 Look at the view. The weather wasn't perfect but it stopped raining while we were on the deck and it was neat to see the storms in the distance.
 Emerson wasn't so sure of this place. Love the view of the city.
 Emerson, did however, love sitting in the middle of the floor inside and yelling cheese. I think we have a class clown.
 This is the view towards Tom's station.
And this was my view on the way home. They were tuckered out.
The only thing that would've made this trip better was if Tom had been there.

I should note, I'm thankful it was only $1 today. The Space Needle is amazing and I'd love to go back, but there's no way I would pay $12 for Stella (at least at this age). She loved it, but we weren't there long enough to justify 12 bucks. However, it would be an incredible date night. There's office up top and place to just sit and chat. I'm sure I'll be back. There's no doubt the Space Needle is a big tourist attraction.

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