Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Girls Night

 The other night Stella and I ditched daddy and Emerson for a night on the town, just the two of us. It was such a sweet time. We started the night with a yummy treat from Bliss Cupcakes and then off to THE show.
 A local theater group, Arts Live Theatre, was performing Cinderella. Oh my word...this princess was excited. She just HAD to dress the part.
 Stella's sweet friend Ashlen also came. Arts Live Theatre was so fun. It's made up of local in the community and they are sooo good. After the show...the girls got to meet the actors during "Cinderella's Ball!" (ok, it was very similar to a junior high dance, but they LOVED it)
 Meeting Cinderella
 Ashlen dancing with the evil step-sisters. It was cute...they kept saying they aren't really mean, they're nice girls.
 Stella dancing with one of the mice. Please note that this girl is in first grade and Stella is not much shorter than her. HA
Stella looks so serious here, but she LOVED Gus and by the looks of it this little actor was fond of my princess too  :)
We had a great time and I'm sure we'll be checking out Arts Live Theatre again. I love the fun things I'm finding in Fayetteville for our kids.

Our Little Indian

 This year I have so many things I'm thankful for, but one is definitely this little Indian and your GREAT school. This is Stella's second year at the Sonshine School and we L.O.V.E it!!!!
 Last week they had a precious Thanksgiving program for the parents to attend. It was complete with little Indians and Pilgrims. Stella was THE child that spotted her mommy in the crowd and yelled, "There's my mommy! I see my mommy." So sweet.
 Emerson also loves visiting Stella's school. She is always ALL smiles. It wont be long before she is enjoying the school herself.
 After the program we returned to their classroom for a little turkey meal and some entertainment. This is Stella with one of her friends, Evie.
 And today was bittersweet because it was Miss Jamie's last day. To say Stella loves her Miss Jamie is a MAJOR understatement, but good news is we see her at church every Sunday. We love you Miss Jamie!
 But Miss Merrily is still around and Stella LOVES her too. How fun is her little food idea for the kids. Instead of the parents bringing all the sides that go along with Thanksgiving dinner...Merrily made turkey kabobs. Complete with sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, potatoes. It was the cutest idea and Stella ate it up!
And of course, what Thanksgiving celebration is complete without a dress up dance party! Almost everyday I pick Stella up from school she and her friends are wearing tutus and crowns.

Also, I want to remember this...during lunch each of the kiddos went around and said what they were thankful for. There were a lot of mommy and daddy, one boy said his cars, but sweet Stella said, "my baby Emerson."

So thankful she loves her sister so much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Blue Eyed Beauty is 9 Months!

 Happy 9 months Emerson. How in the world has it already been 9 Months.
 Your personality is so fun right now. You really are a social butterfly with the craziest hair.
 You LOVE it when we pull the camera out. You are a little ham...just like your daddy.
 If you look closely you can see those two bottom teeth poking through.
I love this look because it's almost like you're saying have we taken enough?  :)

Emerson you brighten up our lives. It's hard to believe you've only been here 9 months. What did we do before you?

What you're up to..
1. You're CRAWLING!!!! You've been on the go for about a couple weeks now.
2. You eat "food" 3 times a day now and like just about anything. We tried some more "textured" foods and you're still not sure.
3. You are a fan of puffs and mums.
4. You adore your sister.
5. You have 2 teeth.
6. You love to say Dada and other baby jibberish.
7. You go crazy excited when you see other kids your age and love to watch and play with them.
8. You are very tight with your mommy right now
9. You light up when daddy gets home from work.
10. You are still NOT sleeping through the night, but our goal for NEXT months post is to say you're a sleeping queens.
11. You are very much a fan of the bottle these days...we might be done with nursing soon. :(
12. You got a glowing report at your 9 month check are right on track

27.6 inches =50th percentile
16 lbs 12.5 ounces = 25th percentile

You my long and lean little one.

We love you Emerson and look forward to many more memories!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sneak Peak

 A couple weekends ago we loaded up the girls and Tom took over 200 pictures of them on Old Main lawn. I really just picked these super fast so some are random and not all are my favorites, but I needed to share some before I order them for family.
 Love them and Emerson's hair!


Ok, it's having issues loading more pictures of Emerson...I guess I'll wait til her 9 month post THIS week!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Woo Pig Weekend

 I could kick myself for not taking more pictures, but if you look closely at these sweet kiddos faces...we had our hands full. One of my best friends from college visited this weekend and I caught up with her at Rebekah's house. The kids had a great time playing. Above is Rhett, Reese, Stella and Cilla.
 Heather's sweet Reese. She was such a little helper in the kitchen. It's been too long since I've seen this sweet girl. Rhett never stood still long enough for me to snap a picture and baby brother, Tripp was sleeping.
 Sweet Emerson was content playing by herself while the older kids ran around.
Then my day ended with this STUD!
Yep, game night with NO kids. It was a fun night and we saw some incredible plays. It was super windy...go figure the one day this year I've blown my hair dry and was wearing it down, ha!
I had a great weekend. Catching up with old friends even for a little bit is always good for the soul!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

 This sweet princess started her Halloween off with as Cinderella. The first of 3 costumes :)
 Princess Stella had a super fun day at school. How fun is it that her teacher, Miss Merrily, dressed up too!
 After nap time (I even had to wake Stella up) it was time to suit up in to the costume she's been requesting for a few weeks. Old McDonald and his farm animals! Stella the chicken and Emerson the Chick/Duck
 Trick or treating around our city square.
Stella LOVED pointing out all the fun costumes. I was actually surprised that she was the only chicken there...we do live in Tyson country.
This HAS to be the CUTEST chick you've ever seen. I really think she loved her costume. She was such a trooper. Maybe she knew she looked extra cute.
It's hard to get kids to look at the camera when there are fun little ghosts and goblins running around.But I love this little farm family.
After the square we headed directly to our friends house for a little trick or treating. Before we got there Stella said she wanted to be Belle, but then she saw the Rapunzel dress Cilla borrowed the other day and wanted to be Rapunzel.
Really?:...3 costumes! Oh well, she had fun.
This was Stella's first time doing the door to door thing and she loved it. The kiddos would run to the door. So sweet.
And of course, she checked out her loot at the end of the night.
Thanks Harris' for a fun night!
Hope you all had a great Halloween.