Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Little Indian

 This year I have so many things I'm thankful for, but one is definitely this little Indian and your GREAT school. This is Stella's second year at the Sonshine School and we L.O.V.E it!!!!
 Last week they had a precious Thanksgiving program for the parents to attend. It was complete with little Indians and Pilgrims. Stella was THE child that spotted her mommy in the crowd and yelled, "There's my mommy! I see my mommy." So sweet.
 Emerson also loves visiting Stella's school. She is always ALL smiles. It wont be long before she is enjoying the school herself.
 After the program we returned to their classroom for a little turkey meal and some entertainment. This is Stella with one of her friends, Evie.
 And today was bittersweet because it was Miss Jamie's last day. To say Stella loves her Miss Jamie is a MAJOR understatement, but good news is we see her at church every Sunday. We love you Miss Jamie!
 But Miss Merrily is still around and Stella LOVES her too. How fun is her little food idea for the kids. Instead of the parents bringing all the sides that go along with Thanksgiving dinner...Merrily made turkey kabobs. Complete with sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, potatoes. It was the cutest idea and Stella ate it up!
And of course, what Thanksgiving celebration is complete without a dress up dance party! Almost everyday I pick Stella up from school she and her friends are wearing tutus and crowns.

Also, I want to remember this...during lunch each of the kiddos went around and said what they were thankful for. There were a lot of mommy and daddy, one boy said his cars, but sweet Stella said, "my baby Emerson."

So thankful she loves her sister so much!

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