Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

 This sweet princess started her Halloween off with as Cinderella. The first of 3 costumes :)
 Princess Stella had a super fun day at school. How fun is it that her teacher, Miss Merrily, dressed up too!
 After nap time (I even had to wake Stella up) it was time to suit up in to the costume she's been requesting for a few weeks. Old McDonald and his farm animals! Stella the chicken and Emerson the Chick/Duck
 Trick or treating around our city square.
Stella LOVED pointing out all the fun costumes. I was actually surprised that she was the only chicken there...we do live in Tyson country.
This HAS to be the CUTEST chick you've ever seen. I really think she loved her costume. She was such a trooper. Maybe she knew she looked extra cute.
It's hard to get kids to look at the camera when there are fun little ghosts and goblins running around.But I love this little farm family.
After the square we headed directly to our friends house for a little trick or treating. Before we got there Stella said she wanted to be Belle, but then she saw the Rapunzel dress Cilla borrowed the other day and wanted to be Rapunzel.
Really?:...3 costumes! Oh well, she had fun.
This was Stella's first time doing the door to door thing and she loved it. The kiddos would run to the door. So sweet.
And of course, she checked out her loot at the end of the night.
Thanks Harris' for a fun night!
Hope you all had a great Halloween.

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