Saturday, June 16, 2012

Miss Personality is 16 Months

 The other day the camera was on the table and Tom caught all of these fun
 expressions of Emerson during dinner.
 She was being hilarious and just laughing at him.
 Love all the faces and how she says so much with her eyes too!
 I can't believe this little sweet pea is 16 months!
 She is so stinken fun right now and just takes it all in!
 We had the rare opportunity just us two to go to the park the other day and it was so fun. She loved the one on one time and was extra expressive. Here she is checking out the little house at the park.
When she saw the swings she went nuts. She spotted them across the park so we had to run over there to make sure we didn't miss out :)

Yes, please notice all of the red in Emerson Kate's hair. These pictures make it look really red. I don't know if she'll end up being a red head or more of a strawberry blonde. I guess time will tell :)

What Emme is up to...
*talking up a storm. A lot of it is still jibberish but she's repeating a lot more words and animal sounds
*LOVES food. She is a fan of vegetables like her sister but LOVES carbs!
*She is still waking up between 5-545...mommy really hopes this changes back to 7 soon
*She's down to one nap but if we're out and about in the morning she almost always falls asleep in the car
*She LOVES her sister and everything she does (it's so cute to watch them)
*Emerson is a big fun of the kiddie pool and water table in our backyard
*She's still in size 3 diaper
*She wears size  or 4 shoe
*She's in 9-12 month sometimes 18 month clothes
*She still hasn't hit 20 pounds yet...we're almost there
*She's a bit attached to me right now and has a little anxiety being dropped off at the gym and church

We love you Emme Kate!!
happy 16 months

Friday, June 15, 2012

Princess Ballerina Dance Camp

 Earlier this week Stella had Princess/Ballerina Dance Camp. After the first day I wasn't allowed to call it camp because there weren't tents or flashlights, ha!
Anyway, it was a big hit and as you can see they learned a dance to "When You Wish Upon a Star."

She did really great. As you can see she went as Cinderella.
Day two she was Snow White and very excited to return to camp princess dance.
And who wouldn't be excited to return to a place where you not only dance to Princess songs, but you paint your own nails, color, eats LOTS of sugar and so on.

Very serious about those nails.
And on the third and final day Miss Stella went as Belle. I tried to get a group shot of all 11 dancers/princesses but lets just say they'd consumed a good amount of sugar the last 3 days and were WIRED. Here she is with Lilly, Ashlen and Cilla...three of her favorite friends.

One last performance. I didn't have a great angle because I was juggling a baby and the camera, but I have to say I was very impressed with how well most of the girls did on their song with only 3 days of practising.

Ending it all with a smile. Notice the heals...gotta do ballet with heals :)
Stella and her sweet teacher Miss Bethany. What a brave girl to handle this bunch!
And notice below the girls, Stella, Ella, Ashlen and Hannah, have crowns, rings and the end of camp they were all officially crowned princesses. Bibbity Bobbity Boo! Stella wanted to be the LAST princess crowned...oh dear me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun in the Sun

 Lately we've had a few steamy days and nights in Arkansas, so we busted out the pool and water table. The girls are loving the fun outside.
 They play so well together out back and I was surprised how much Emerson loved the pool and had no fear.
 Stella being sassy!
 Stella has done sassy pose for a couple years now. I noticed the other day when I asked Stella to do sassy pose Emerson kept doing this.
I guess this is Emerson's sassy pose!

I love these girls and the summer fun in the sun.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Fun

 This morning these two cuties were both up by 5:45. So our day started early. Well, we had sometime to kill before church. Daddy had to do a couple things at work he forgot about so since we were all up and at 'em we tagged along. While daddy did a few things inside...the girls and I played on the square. I wasn't planning on photo ops so these are all phone pics, but the girls were playing so cute together I had to document it!
 Emerson loves her big sister!
 I know there are few shadows, but this is by far one of my favorite pictures on them. I plan on doctoring it some and then framing it. They were being so sweet!
 Cheesing it up in a different spot. I think Emerson was just so excited that Stella was playing chase with her she was giddy :)
 Trying to keep up. Look at those girls.
 Emerson peaking over her shoulder to make sure Stella was coming to get her.
Taking a break by the little water fall. While I wish I had gotten a little more sleep this morning...I'm thankful for the simple yet sweet memories this morning before church.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Princess Ball

 A couple weeks ago this sweet princess was invited to her "dance" friend, Maye's, 4th birthday party. Or maybe we should call it the Princess Ball. This little princess had no idea who all was coming to the party, but as you can see...she was in awe as the special guests arrived. Also please notice Gus-Gus on the step next to Cinderella Stella.
 How AWESOME is this. Ariel, Gus-Gus, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Belle, Snow White and Jasmin. The little ones were so excited. I think it really took awhile for it to sink in that SO MANY "real" princesses. Maye's mama is the community group leader for these beautiful high school girls and I just love that each of them was able to be a princess! Tinker Bell showed later.
Stella was attached to Cinderella. That is her princess of choice lately.

Happy Birthday Maye! It was a great party.

Speaking of princesses, Stella is going to a princess/ballet dance camp for a couple days this week with a bunch of her little friends. She is SOO excited. We'll keep you posted on all the fun!