Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Fun

 This morning these two cuties were both up by 5:45. So our day started early. Well, we had sometime to kill before church. Daddy had to do a couple things at work he forgot about so since we were all up and at 'em we tagged along. While daddy did a few things inside...the girls and I played on the square. I wasn't planning on photo ops so these are all phone pics, but the girls were playing so cute together I had to document it!
 Emerson loves her big sister!
 I know there are few shadows, but this is by far one of my favorite pictures on them. I plan on doctoring it some and then framing it. They were being so sweet!
 Cheesing it up in a different spot. I think Emerson was just so excited that Stella was playing chase with her she was giddy :)
 Trying to keep up. Look at those girls.
 Emerson peaking over her shoulder to make sure Stella was coming to get her.
Taking a break by the little water fall. While I wish I had gotten a little more sleep this morning...I'm thankful for the simple yet sweet memories this morning before church.



Adrienne said...

I bet Sunday morning is a nice time for the girls to play on the Square. Great pictures!

Edegra said...

So beautiful !!!!!!
God bless you!!!!