Thursday, October 31, 2013

Owning Yellow

I LOVE this picture. It's beauty catches my eye every time I come across it. I love the colors, the quantity, the setting, but I'm blown away by it's symbol.

Tom took this last spring on our family adventure to the Tulip festival here in Washington. It was breathtaking in person, but I told him over and over that this was my favorite picture. You may think I'm crazy. Yes, tulips are one of my favorite flowers, but it's the symbolism I see in this picture every time I see it.

Look at the single yellow tulip in the sea of red. Can you relate to that solo tulip? Have you ever found yourself in a sea of red looking for someone like you? Have you ever felt like the odd man out? Maybe you've even tried to be someone your not. I know I have. It can be a long and dreary journey. I LOVE that in this simple picture I'm reminded...I am who I am because God created me that way. I am PERFECT in his image. If I'm surrounded by a bunch of red tulips...then that's right where He wants me. He wants me to be different. If you really think about it, blending in is so boring. Quieting your opinion, beliefs, or style is unfortunate.Yet, in today's society we're told we're supposed to act like this, dress like that, be friends with her, don't trust him, parent like them...and on and on and on. It's no wonder we can get lost in a sea of red, but what if we took those situations and stood out. What if we owned being yellow and stood up for what we believe?

I'm not saying we pick up our cross and walk up and down the streets chanting versus or Bible stories (some people do that and it can make an impact, but it's not for everyone), but what if we find security in the ONE who designed us to be unique? Security folks! I think that's almost an oxymoron for moms. Or at least for me. I question my mommy skills on a daily basis, shoot if I'm honest...probably an hourly basis. But I'm the best mommy for my little rug rats. I was chosen to love them the best I can!

So as my eyelids are getting very heavy I'm well aware that I had NO idea what I was going to write about tonight and then I can across this picture. In a nutshell, this picture of tulips reminds me to be ME. If that means I'm different then the rest of the crowd, own it.  OK, that is all :) Happy Wednesday.

I'll leave you with a quote from the author of the current Bible study I'm doing that's stirred my desire to write again.

"Our dreams allow the eagle of our personality to soar. They show us what we were designed to do." Leslie Parrott

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm Back!

Ok, ok, ok...before all you friends across the country that are not so happy with me and my lack of picture posting..I'm sorry. I know it's been a year. A YEAR!!! What??!? Anyway, a recent nudge via my current Bible study, re-ignited my need, my want, my desire, and my thrill to write again. So while I will post pictures I really am back at it to write again.

About what you ask? I don't know. The simple answer, anything and everything. The kids, Tom, our new journey, my spiritual walk, my struggles, my triumphs...Who knows. Well, God knows!

I guess I'm getting on this ride we call life and see where He'll take me. I told some of my sisters (you're right I don't have any biological sisters)...I mean the sisters that are such incredible friends that they're like family..I told them I don't care if no one reads what I write, I just want to write again!

So read, don't read, comment or don't. I'm writing because of a tug on my heart. I love you all and I promise pictures ( not all the time).

But tonight I'm simply declaring that I am writing/blogging again. There will be spelling errors and (gasp) maybe some grammar errors, but it'll be from my heart. Love yall!

And to leave you tonight,  I want to share a video that popped up so many times on my Facebook page I finally watched it.
Today was a good mom day for me. My patience was in check, I was productive, I had one on one time with each of my sassy sweet hearts, and to top it off I cooked a decent dinner...BUT there are so many days that feel like a never ending train wreck. I'm sure we can all relate whether we admit it or not. There are days in life that seem like time seems to stand still as we count down every second to nap time or bed time. Well, this video reminded me that while we may feel like we failed on "that" day...the little hearts we're helping mold and shape see it differently! Check it out here.

I hope to write again soon!