Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

I figured I better post these pictures now since the snow storm of the year is expected TONIGHT. This past Friday and Saturday were beautiful...especially Saturday so we had some fun. Stella was super excited to play on her swing set again!
She loves her slide.

Of course, she had to drive around the backyard to make sure everything was still in order.
We were out there for a good chunk of time and let me tell you...this girl just loved to run, run run. I think she looks so big here.
Loving her swing.

Saturday was even warmer (70s), so we loaded up after nap and headed to a local park. Stella was stoked daddy could come along.

Little Miss Thang refuses to put clips in her hair, so she was fighting the wind with all her wispies...remember this was after nap :)

Told you it was windy. But it felt so awesome.

Taking her turn on the slide.
The park was beyond packed...I think everyone was ready to see a taste of spring.
So after a little tease of warmer weather we are now expecting ice tonight and several inches of snow tomorrow. There is the slightest chance it could miss us..and lets face it I wouldn't mind it skipping NWA. I have a doctors appointment and don't want to reschedule :) but I doubt I'll get my wish.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun with Friends

This a combination post because I've been bad at taking pictures. Look at how lucky this girl is. A fine mexican meal with two studs. We decided to go to Little Rock for New Years and play with our friends so that meant Stella got to hang out with Deacon and Reed.
When you're the only girl...paparazzi always follows :)

Deacon is super impressive with the phone so he was showing Stella how to use her daddy's iphone.

If you don't know the Hogs went to the Sugar Bowl this year (we wont talk about the outcome) and since a lot of the daddy's were out of town for the fun a couple of us mommys got together for dinner and as you can see cupcakes. I love that the dogs are fully attentive should a crumb be dropped.
Recently, Stella's friend Brayden turned two and we all had a blast at the Yo Gabba Gabba theme party at The Little Gym. This was our attempt at the group photo. The birthday boy is the cutie on the top step.

Stella had a blast and was running around like a crazy girl the whole time.
We are so thankful for all the little friends in Stella's life. She is one blessed girl and I'm thankful to have so many mommy friends!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Showering Emerson

Can I just say I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for! This weekend they spoiled me in honor of Emerson. I LOVED this table. People were able to write me messages/advice. I loved it.

Here are the hostesses that went ABOVE and BEYOND! Thank you Rebekah, Sarah, Sara and Lisa. You really outdid yourself and I'm so humbled. PS...THANK YOU Jenna for getting all these pictures. I had my camera, but i was busy stuffing my face and chatting with friends.
These cookies were amazing. Can't go wrong with Chucks Cookies.

The awesome spread. They had fruit kabobs, muffins, cookies, and sausage wraps...not to mention to yummy drinks, orange juice spritzers and cappuccino punch...oh my!

I loved the little details.

these jammies are so small! i don't remember Stella being so small. Also, please notice the cute sign behind me. It said her name, Emerson. I just love seeing it more and more.

Again, I love seeing that sweet name. I can't wait to meet Miss Emerson.

And can you say spoiled!?! I am really overwhelmed with every one's generosity. Thank you so much!
On a side note, I had planned on working on Emerson's nursery this weekend and posting the pictures, but instead I ended up in the hospital. All is ok now, but I guess I got dehydrated and needed a couple IVs to help calm down Emerson who wasn't a fan of my condition. All in all everything is ok now, but it's put everything into perspective. Now, I'm slowing down some and taking it easy before Emerson's birthday! We are thankful God has kept his hand on our little one this whole time and can't wait to meet our little blessing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day 2011

We got a few inches of SNOW today and Stella was super excited to see it when she woke up. I wasn't sure if it was even worth bundling her up and heading out considering she didn't know what to think when we were in Montana.
But she LOVED it. I'm assuming because it was warmer than 0 outside.

Stella and I played for awhile, but since I have a cold and cant get up and down as easily...we didn't stay out forever...BUT then...

Daddy came home with this and someone was super excited. So we pushed nap back and they played outside FOREVER!

Directing daddy where to go.

She had a permanent smile.

Tom would've kept going but someone wanted a break.
Posing with daddy when she spotted the neighbors snowman!

Headed to see Frosty. I headed back inside thinking they would be behind me soon, but they never came, never came...and this is what I found when curiosity struck...

Stella and daddy eating the snow.

I love that she's sticking her tongue out too here.

Then she basically just plopped down and enjoyed a little snack and burying herself.

It's been a fun day. The sun is out now, so I'm hoping it clears the road for tomorrow.

I was supposed to have my check up on Emerson today but the clinic closed, so I'm praying they're open tomorrow. It's already time to start "checking" me, so I'm anxious to know if I've progressed at all. PLUS I know of a very eager Gaga and Papa in Oregon that would like to book their plane tickets :)

Hope you've enjoyed your snow day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Caught up

I finally posted all of my Thanksgiving pictures. For the family waiting to see...there are several posts under November now and one in December.
I promise I'll get back on the blog bandwagon!