Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

I figured I better post these pictures now since the snow storm of the year is expected TONIGHT. This past Friday and Saturday were beautiful...especially Saturday so we had some fun. Stella was super excited to play on her swing set again!
She loves her slide.

Of course, she had to drive around the backyard to make sure everything was still in order.
We were out there for a good chunk of time and let me tell you...this girl just loved to run, run run. I think she looks so big here.
Loving her swing.

Saturday was even warmer (70s), so we loaded up after nap and headed to a local park. Stella was stoked daddy could come along.

Little Miss Thang refuses to put clips in her hair, so she was fighting the wind with all her wispies...remember this was after nap :)

Told you it was windy. But it felt so awesome.

Taking her turn on the slide.
The park was beyond packed...I think everyone was ready to see a taste of spring.
So after a little tease of warmer weather we are now expecting ice tonight and several inches of snow tomorrow. There is the slightest chance it could miss us..and lets face it I wouldn't mind it skipping NWA. I have a doctors appointment and don't want to reschedule :) but I doubt I'll get my wish.

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