Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day 2011

We got a few inches of SNOW today and Stella was super excited to see it when she woke up. I wasn't sure if it was even worth bundling her up and heading out considering she didn't know what to think when we were in Montana.
But she LOVED it. I'm assuming because it was warmer than 0 outside.

Stella and I played for awhile, but since I have a cold and cant get up and down as easily...we didn't stay out forever...BUT then...

Daddy came home with this and someone was super excited. So we pushed nap back and they played outside FOREVER!

Directing daddy where to go.

She had a permanent smile.

Tom would've kept going but someone wanted a break.
Posing with daddy when she spotted the neighbors snowman!

Headed to see Frosty. I headed back inside thinking they would be behind me soon, but they never came, never came...and this is what I found when curiosity struck...

Stella and daddy eating the snow.

I love that she's sticking her tongue out too here.

Then she basically just plopped down and enjoyed a little snack and burying herself.

It's been a fun day. The sun is out now, so I'm hoping it clears the road for tomorrow.

I was supposed to have my check up on Emerson today but the clinic closed, so I'm praying they're open tomorrow. It's already time to start "checking" me, so I'm anxious to know if I've progressed at all. PLUS I know of a very eager Gaga and Papa in Oregon that would like to book their plane tickets :)

Hope you've enjoyed your snow day!


Rebekah said...

Stella Yazwinski, you are super cute! Glad you had a fun snow day with your daddy!

Jennifer said...

Too cute! Love her little snow suit!