Monday, January 24, 2011

Showering Emerson

Can I just say I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for! This weekend they spoiled me in honor of Emerson. I LOVED this table. People were able to write me messages/advice. I loved it.

Here are the hostesses that went ABOVE and BEYOND! Thank you Rebekah, Sarah, Sara and Lisa. You really outdid yourself and I'm so humbled. PS...THANK YOU Jenna for getting all these pictures. I had my camera, but i was busy stuffing my face and chatting with friends.
These cookies were amazing. Can't go wrong with Chucks Cookies.

The awesome spread. They had fruit kabobs, muffins, cookies, and sausage wraps...not to mention to yummy drinks, orange juice spritzers and cappuccino punch...oh my!

I loved the little details.

these jammies are so small! i don't remember Stella being so small. Also, please notice the cute sign behind me. It said her name, Emerson. I just love seeing it more and more.

Again, I love seeing that sweet name. I can't wait to meet Miss Emerson.

And can you say spoiled!?! I am really overwhelmed with every one's generosity. Thank you so much!
On a side note, I had planned on working on Emerson's nursery this weekend and posting the pictures, but instead I ended up in the hospital. All is ok now, but I guess I got dehydrated and needed a couple IVs to help calm down Emerson who wasn't a fan of my condition. All in all everything is ok now, but it's put everything into perspective. Now, I'm slowing down some and taking it easy before Emerson's birthday! We are thankful God has kept his hand on our little one this whole time and can't wait to meet our little blessing.


Jessica Harriman said...

You look great! Looks like Emerson is already so loved and blessed! I especially love the owl canvas! Hope you are able to rest up and take it easy before the big day. Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby!


Kristin said...

Hi! I found your blog through Jenna's. My 4 month old daughter is named Emmerson! How fun to meet another little one with the same name :)