Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Diesel is a little protective!

Most of you know Tom and I's first child is a mini-dachsund and he rules the coop..or at least he did. Now, Diesel is Stella's body guard. You think I'm joking...I'm not. If anyone (besides me) gets too close to Stella Diesel gets a little defensive. He like that with Tom too. He doesn't want anyone disrupting the sleeping or eating princess. It's actually really cute and a relief. I was nervous about how Diesel would react. I honestly thought we'd be giving him to another family if he was too jealous...but instead we've decided he thinks Stella is his baby. He even likes her toys and all the goodies...if she's not in the boppy and it's the room you can usually find Diesel there.
So I thought I'd share the pics...plus this cute one of Stella conked out!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Going Home

Tom picked this dress for Stella to go home in because it was my dress when I was little!

So far..she loves her carseat. A minor fit getting in..then its snoozeville.

It didn't take long for Stella to settle into her new surroundings. Don't you just love those cheeks!

Day in the life of Stella Yazwinski...day two!

There were several visitors, lots of flowers, an abundance of kisses, and all the love a little girl could imagine! Thanks to all who visited (we had friends from Little Rock surprise us..amazing), called, emailed, prayed, etc. We are so blessed!

Apple of Grandpa's Eye!

As you can see this little one has a BIG place in her both her granddaddy's hearts!!!

More Pictures for Stella's Birthday

It amazes me that I had every intent of getting every moment of her once she arrived...sorry, a lot of the best pictures were caught on others cameras...especially the Grandpa's.
But here are some more pics of our princess, Stella.
Most of the pics are easy to understand, but please notice her during her bath time...she is knocked out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Stella!

I promise these aren't all the pictures, but it's late so here's a sneak peak I promised some of you.
Quick recap of Stella's arrival...
After 12 hours of labor (don't worry only 45 minutes of pushing) our sweet daughter arrived beautiful and healthy. Tom was a great coach and our doctor was so amazing I'd do it again in a heartbeat. In the midst of pushing, etc we were laughing and just enjoying the moments leading up to this incredible gift from GOD~
So in case you don't know already Stella Lee Yazwinski is a big girl.
She weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces (I knew she was a big one) and measured 20 inches long. She has quite a head of dark brown hair...and as of now we're not sure whose nose she has, but we think she's got daddy's eyes, lips and coloring. She is doing great and in the short time of knowing this angel...we are in love and so honored to be Stella's mommy and daddy.

So there's a quick glimpse..I'll try to update, but I expect these next few days to be crazy, so please be patient and I will post as soon as I can, but I think it's going to be hard to pull me away from my daughter (right now she's being measured in the nursery, so you got lucky).
Love you all and thanks for the prayers!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Daddy is READY!

Today after Tom got off of work he decided it was time to get HIS diaper bag ready (yes he has his own). Here are a couple pictures of him making sure everything he needs is ready.

Then he spent a little quality time with our dog, Diesel.

But then of course..when I mentioned (MENTIONED...I was not complaining) that my knees were soar and my back hurt...he decided he wanted to know what it was like being pregnant. So, he put a pillow under his shirt (I often feel like I have a fluffy pillow under there--as do most pregnant women do, I'm sure.) and propped pudding on the top of his belly because I tend to do that with my plates sometimes.

Anyways, we're having fun together anxiously awaiting our little girl. And of course my parents are in town already and have spoiled us rotten!
We have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning...will update when we can! Please continue to prayer for Miss Stella!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Congrats Baker Family!

As I sit here waiting for little Miss Stella to arrive...I'm so excited to announce some of Tom and I's dearest friends, Josh & Andrea Baker, are expecting their first little one! This is such a fun time for us to hear how they're telling family, friends, etc. We pray God will bless them during this pregnancy and are eager to hear what Little Baby Baker is going to be. Stella needs more girlfriends. This is how they told their parents...they dressed up their dogs (aka babies).
How cute!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cervix of Steel!

Well, last week the doctor said I have a cervix of steel and it looks to be the case this week too.
No progress this week, so Stella is taking her sweet time.
We go back to our doctor Tuesday (well, hopefully not) and if she's still taking her time...we'll induce the 25th.
Please pray that my body does what it's supposed to to prepare for birth. I don't mind being induced I just want my cervix to cooperate!

I promise I will update if there is anything new before Tuesday!!!

Meanwhile, I started maternity leave today...so I've got some time on my hands. If you're around and not doing anything give me a ring! If you can't get a hold of me I'm probably jumping on the trampoline :) just kidding.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Nursery is Complete

My mom and I still need to hang the curtains, but those are coming those are coming Wednesday with my dad from Oregon, but other than that Stella's room is ready.

Now if only Miss Stella would make her debut!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Date Night

Since Stella is due any day and we have family arriving soon Tom and I decided Friday could be our last "date night" without a little one, so we decided to hit the town and get some Sho-Gun (Tom's favorite).
Call me crazy, but I splurge and ventured away from water..Shirley Temple anyone?

If you've ever eaten at Sho-Gun you know how much food they give you...well, Tom cleared his plate.

39 Weeks & Counting

Many of you have requested a pregnant picture of me and against my better judgement I have given in. Gosh, I look tired!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Crib is here!!!...FINALLY!

After waiting OVER 12 weeks for this furniture it's finally here. Tom and I can actually walk into Stella's room now and believe that it will one day be more than light pink walls!

I know the bed skirt needs some straightening, but I was just so excited to get this put together these are the pics I have for now. Of course I still can't decide where the bed and dresser will go (excuse the mess on the dresser), but mom gets here this weekend and I know she'll work her magic!

I asked Tom to take pictures of he and his dad putting together the crib and of course it's obvious these were taken after they were done...good actors!