Monday, September 22, 2008

Daddy is READY!

Today after Tom got off of work he decided it was time to get HIS diaper bag ready (yes he has his own). Here are a couple pictures of him making sure everything he needs is ready.

Then he spent a little quality time with our dog, Diesel.

But then of course..when I mentioned (MENTIONED...I was not complaining) that my knees were soar and my back hurt...he decided he wanted to know what it was like being pregnant. So, he put a pillow under his shirt (I often feel like I have a fluffy pillow under there--as do most pregnant women do, I'm sure.) and propped pudding on the top of his belly because I tend to do that with my plates sometimes.

Anyways, we're having fun together anxiously awaiting our little girl. And of course my parents are in town already and have spoiled us rotten!
We have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning...will update when we can! Please continue to prayer for Miss Stella!

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Lauren said...

You guys are hilarious...pregnancy suits you well Tom...and yes how it feels like a light fluffy pillow...NOT! We are anxiously awaiting word on Stella's arrival as least we know Tom knows how to change a diaper and while being blindfolded so he can handle the middle of the night changing duty! Love and miss you guys!