Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Diesel is a little protective!

Most of you know Tom and I's first child is a mini-dachsund and he rules the coop..or at least he did. Now, Diesel is Stella's body guard. You think I'm joking...I'm not. If anyone (besides me) gets too close to Stella Diesel gets a little defensive. He like that with Tom too. He doesn't want anyone disrupting the sleeping or eating princess. It's actually really cute and a relief. I was nervous about how Diesel would react. I honestly thought we'd be giving him to another family if he was too jealous...but instead we've decided he thinks Stella is his baby. He even likes her toys and all the goodies...if she's not in the boppy and it's the room you can usually find Diesel there.
So I thought I'd share the pics...plus this cute one of Stella conked out!


Jae said...

Awww . . . that full of milk/passed out look! I remember those days! Enjoy every minute!
I'm home with my baby today too (she's been sick). We don't get to snuggle much anymore.

Anonymous said...

i love that pic of tom & diesel checking on stella. (i don't know why but the tv remote in tom's hand cracks me up!).

keep the pictures coming! i need my stella fix EVERYDAY, woman! :0)

addie said...

I love it!! what a sweet pooch you have:) Ours weren't so good with Emma... Diesel is so into it!! What a sweet little family. Hope you are recovering well, syd:) Sounds like you are doing great! You have a beautiful little girl and I know you are already a great, humorous, thoughful and loving mama. Take care of yourself and keep the pics comming!! -ad
*tomorrow is emma's birthday - she's 2 -- try to embrace every stage they are in.. the moments go by slowly, but the months and years pass quickly..love you

Amber said...

So cute Syd!!! I know your dad is smitten!!! Love the pic of the dog in the boppy!!

heather said...

She's changing already! I can't wait to get my hands on her!!!