Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crawl for the Cure

Stella's first Race for the Cure.
Watching the runners pass by.
Hanging out with Miss Julee and Romeo while everyone worked on the KNWA Live special.
The family...I think Stella was a fan of the race and all the people around.
This was such a fun idea that Huggies set up at the race...Crawl for a Cure!
Stella in position and ready to take on the competition.
Looking at Daddy for a reminder on how this crawling thing works. She hasn't officially taken off yet at home...she just rocks back and forth so we really just did this for pictures.
Still trying to figure it out.
Eying the competition.
Focused on the finish line!
And this is how far she got..about an inch. But it was a fun idea and she got a box of FREE diapers for participating!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Stella is very excited to cheer on the Naturals at their home opener.
Laughing at the crowd.
Stella is not quite sure what to think of the Naturals mascot.
The fam!

Is it the Easter Bunny or BUG?

Our little family on Easter morning. It was POURING down rain, but we still managed to make it in the church without getting TOO wet.
Excited to be with her Grammie! This picture couldn't be any cuter!
The entire Yaz Gang (minus Julian...we missed you) after church.
Daddy and his little girl.
Coolest toy ever...thanks Aunt Lori and Uncle Julian for my "first car"
This is one easter was filled with bug fun. There was a cool bug catcher with toy bugs inside...a favorite of Miss Stellas. This basket is from Grammie and Grandpa Yaz.

And of course, bug sunglasses! This is an outfit with BUGs on it to go with these as well.

These treats are part of Grandma and Papa Hart's easter gift...bug basket(it's cut off in the pic) stuffed bug, glitter bug books, bug outfit..and bumble bee bug eggs filled with money.

And then to top off the bug theme...these are the easter treats from the Easter Bunny..even he knew to skip the bunny this year and get more bugs! Inside the bag is a book of prayers for little kiddos like Stella.
Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Big 3-0! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

So, Tom turned the big 3-0 this past week and all he wanted to do was meet our new friend, Reed and EAT. When I say eat, I mean eat. We ate our way through his birthday...This was the end of the day. We ended the day with a COLD STONE cake.
The birthday boy with his Princess. This is right before cake and AFTER SHOGUN!
Stella playing with her friend Kaleb and Cozymels...yes, we had lunch in Little Rock.
Kaleb loving on Stella.
How cute are Riley and Stella...they were just laughing with eachother at BREAKFAST.
Stella thought Riley was hilarious...this is us waiting at CRACKER BARRELL.

Summary of Tom's 30th...
Breakfast at Cracker Barrell in North Little Rock with the Purcells...Happy Birthday to Jason too.
Lunch at Cozymels in Little Rock with Bert, Lindsey and the Burns.
Dinner at Shoguns in Fayetteville with his family
Dessert at Cold Stone in Fayetteville with the family.
It makes me sick just thinking about it, BUT anything for the birthday boy!

Happy 30th Tom...we love you with all our hearts!

Welcoming Reed Baker!

Fast friends...Tom says Reed can't even ask her out until she is 18.

Doesn't it look like Reed is resting his head on Stella's sweet.
Josh playing with Stella in Andrea's hospital room. They were such troopers to let us hang out with them Friday night when they were EXHAUSTED!
Our dear friends, Josh and Andrea, in Little Rock welcomed Reed into the world April 9th. We got to meet the handsome fellow that Friday and instantly fell in love. Stella is a big fan of Reed and can't wait to see him again. We love you Josh, Andrea and Reed!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Visit from The Easter Bunny

Ready to go see the Easter Bunny and gather some eggs.
Chillin with Daddy.
Loving on Mommy.
I might not be big enough to fall down the slide, but bouncing on the edge was lots of fun.
Yeah! The Easter bunny. Yes, daddy is giving the Easter Bunny "bunny" ears, but jokes on him...he's doing it back.

Our neighborhood hosted a Spring get together complete with the Easter bunny and an egg hunt.
It was fun meeting our neighbors, and boy there were a LOT of kids.

6 Months

Taking a break from my favorite book, "Curious George and the Rainbow."
Loving on Diesel.
Falling onto my blocks.
Sitting up like a big girl...I get better and better each day.
Annoyed Mommy is taking another picture of me sitting up.

6 Month Stats...
50 percentile all around...
*15 pounds 2 ounces (hard to believe she was almost 1o pounds when she was born!)
*25.5 inches long

Things Stella is up to...
*reading...she loves to hold and chew on her books
*cutting teeth...she cut her first tooth the other day
*sitting up...she is better at this when she first wakes up
*talking up a storm. Getting really close to saying DaDa..but right now it's really gaga and lala.
*Jumping...she loves to jump while you hold her or in her jumparoo.
*Continues to sleep through the night.
*LOVES food...she hasn't rejected anything. Stella likes sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, bananas, avacado, pears and peaches.

Stella got her first ear infection, but she is a tough cookie because besides taking her tempt one night when she was a little fussy I don't think we would've known. She barely complained or fussed.

I can't believe it's already be 6 months...time flies! We love you sweet girl and are so thankful for you every single day!