Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Big 3-0! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

So, Tom turned the big 3-0 this past week and all he wanted to do was meet our new friend, Reed and EAT. When I say eat, I mean eat. We ate our way through his birthday...This was the end of the day. We ended the day with a COLD STONE cake.
The birthday boy with his Princess. This is right before cake and AFTER SHOGUN!
Stella playing with her friend Kaleb and Cozymels...yes, we had lunch in Little Rock.
Kaleb loving on Stella.
How cute are Riley and Stella...they were just laughing with eachother at BREAKFAST.
Stella thought Riley was hilarious...this is us waiting at CRACKER BARRELL.

Summary of Tom's 30th...
Breakfast at Cracker Barrell in North Little Rock with the Purcells...Happy Birthday to Jason too.
Lunch at Cozymels in Little Rock with Bert, Lindsey and the Burns.
Dinner at Shoguns in Fayetteville with his family
Dessert at Cold Stone in Fayetteville with the family.
It makes me sick just thinking about it, BUT anything for the birthday boy!

Happy 30th Tom...we love you with all our hearts!

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