Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tailgating and Football

Saturday we finally got to take Stella to a Hog game. She went last year, but this was her first this year and she loved it. It was super fun walking to the stadium because the sororities had their yards decorated for Homecoming.

And yes, I got a picture of her outside the Kappa house :)
We decided to swing by the KNWA tailgater and Stella got a Hog sticker for her face. She was so excited.

Hanging out with Neile.

It was so cute. Stella hung with the "big" girls while we socialized with Tom's coworkers. She thought she was big time.

We finally ventured into the game and Stella could not stop looking at all the "poo-sooies"
She was in awe of all the Hog stuff. This was such a fun age to take her. She clapped, called the hogs, and had a blast.

Even though the game didn't start until 6 and it was way past her bedtime by the time we decided to head home...she was super energized. For those of you familiar with campus...Stella ran from the Union, through campus, all the way to Ellas on Maple. And she was NOT happy when we picked her up because there was traffic. Maybe we have a future runner!!! :)
Go was a fun game!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

THE Playset

It's DONE!
After two weekends, four days and a lot of hours and manpower the little Princess' playset is complete. Can you believe this thing? Can you say SPOILED!
The slide was a big hit right away.

She goes super fast.

Yes! It is very tall, but Stella uses this perch to "spy" on the neighbors.

Pointing at some dogs out back.

Doing a little more spying through her telescope.
She does NOT hesitate to climb up at all. Sometimes mommy and daddy are a little nervous.

And now she has the perfect snack spot outside for her and doggy. It really is awesome and I know it'll be more awesome when Emerson is here and we can't leave because she is napping so I picture SEVERAL hours of fun with Stella this spring out back.
And yes, she loves the swing, but its hard for me to take a picture and push at the same time :)
Thanks Grammie and Papa.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Family Date Night

This past Friday we had a fun family date to the pumpkin patch. We decided to meet playgroup out and included the dads. It was super fun and know the kids loved having their dads there too.
Stella was ALL about the pumpkins. Everytime she saw one she went charging after it.

They had the corn cannon that seemed to be the favorite amongst the dads.

Of course there was a hayride.
Stella decided she wanted to drive the tractor and is taking it very seriously!

Stella is on the cow-train. She waved to people as she passed by.

Stella is OBSESSED with these "baby" pumpkins.

She and daddy checked out the petting zoo which included pigs and goats.

Playing on a pile of dirt with daddy.
On the hunt for the perfect pumpkin. In the end, she picked a "baby" pumpkin.

It was a super fun Friday night. We ended the night by grabbing dinner with the Scotts and it was so fun to see the kids interact. Here's to more fun family date nights!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Picked a Name!

I normally don't post pictures like this, but some of you have begged, so here it is. Don't expect regular ones. I'll take one the week before I'm due like a did with Stella, but until then enjoy.
On a good note, Tom and I picked a name for baby #2~
Emerson Kate Yazwinski will be the next to join our crazy clan.
We think we're going to call her Emme Kate, but we'll see. Plus I don't know how we'll spell Emmie if that what we go with!
We're so excited about this sweet little girl!

Fun with Chuck E.

Last week, Stella met up with her friends Trenton and Trevor at Chuck E. Cheese for a couple hours of fun. She had a blast and of course had to give Chuck E. a high five and knucks!

Trenton LOVED this game and he actually let Stella sit with him for one turn.
Stella wanted to ride EVERY driving ride...notice Trevor in the background.

A little off-roading.

Police motorcycle.
Fayetteville has a new Chuck E. Cheese and it's super nice! If you haven't checked it out you should!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Work in Progress

Stella's Grammie and Papa got her a playset for her birthday and this weekend kicked off the construction...boy oh boy it's quite the task.
Tom, Papa, Aunt Lori and Uncle Julian worked a few hours Saturday, a couple hours Sunday and they'll be back at it next weekend. It's going to be a FUN play area, it's just taking awhile to get there :)
While the crew was at work, Stella wanted to jump.
And jump.
And Jump.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Little Gym

This past Saturday Stella was invited to this cutie, Brody's, birthday party! It was at The Little Gym and it was SOOO fun!
She is concentrating so hard...I'm not sure she thought she could do it just yet.

Now she's got the hang of it!

I love this picture. It looks like Stella is asking Josh, "so, how do you do this thing."

Tom was on parenting duty while the kids were playing the in the gym (I was socializing) and he said she was sharing very well.

Playing the music sticks with the employees at The Little Gym. They took care of EVERYTHING! All Brody's parents had to bring was the cake and snacks! It was awesome and I'm pretty sure we'll be doing a party like this in the future!

There was so much for the kiddos to do that the time went by really fast and everyone had a blast!
Happy 2nd Birthday Brody!