Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tailgating and Football

Saturday we finally got to take Stella to a Hog game. She went last year, but this was her first this year and she loved it. It was super fun walking to the stadium because the sororities had their yards decorated for Homecoming.

And yes, I got a picture of her outside the Kappa house :)
We decided to swing by the KNWA tailgater and Stella got a Hog sticker for her face. She was so excited.

Hanging out with Neile.

It was so cute. Stella hung with the "big" girls while we socialized with Tom's coworkers. She thought she was big time.

We finally ventured into the game and Stella could not stop looking at all the "poo-sooies"
She was in awe of all the Hog stuff. This was such a fun age to take her. She clapped, called the hogs, and had a blast.

Even though the game didn't start until 6 and it was way past her bedtime by the time we decided to head home...she was super energized. For those of you familiar with campus...Stella ran from the Union, through campus, all the way to Ellas on Maple. And she was NOT happy when we picked her up because there was traffic. Maybe we have a future runner!!! :)
Go was a fun game!

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