Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween OVERLOAD

Beware: Picture OVERLOAD
We started our celebrations on Friday with a Halloween Playgroup Party. It was a zoo! But so fun. Thanks Rebekah for being a hostess with the mostess and for Cilla for sharing all your toys.

Brayden was Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba and ever since then Stella has reunited with her love for that weird show.
Trenton came as spiderman. Look at those muscles.

Sweet Cilla was done waiting for her friends to get was time to dig in!

Brody was the cutest little giraffe.
I missed some pictures of the other kids, but it was crazy, so I 'm sorry!

That evening our little monkey found her banana just in time for Trick or Treat on the Square.
This has always been one of my favorites about Fayetteville,but it was CRAZY.

Waiting in line for her treats from Daddy's work.

Stella is very much like me and loves to people watch. The square was a PRIME location for this activity. However, I have to remind Stella not to stare :)

Not the best angle of me, but a family picture!
I just love this monkey and banana.
Stella even made her way on the news. We were standing around talking to some friends and Clint, the weather guy at Tom's station, grabbed Tom and Stella for a quick interview. She loved the attention.

Of course, Stella was so excited to see one of her favorite "BIG" friends, Bella. She loves running into people outside of the normal setting.

Oh, but our fun didn't end on Friday. Our church hosted a skate party Sunday of course we joined in the fun!

I was surprised that she knew what to do right away.

The only problem was -- this little monkey wanted Mommy to hold her hand instead of daddy. My back is still sore. DO NOT WORRY....I was in regular shoes NOT skates. I know my limits, ha! Plus my OB would kill me. But the skating excitement didn't last long. After a lap of half-holding onto mom and mommy carrying her she was done.

Plus it was we ditched the costume. BUT Stella was very concerned that Jonathan was trying to steal her skates. Every time he came near she grabbed her skates. I think this is a cute picture of them.

Then look who showed up...BARBIE...aka Aunt Lori!!!
Stella loved it.

And of course she wanted to be like Aunt Lori and tried out the Barbie box. I have a feeling this box is going to end up at our house.

I think this picture proves that Lori and Tom took Halloween costumes seriously as kids. Barbie, her mechanic husband, Uncle Julian, and banana Tom.

It was a great Halloween, but I'm pretty sure Stella is DONE with her monkey costume. Thanks Gaga I think we got every penny out of it!
PS there was no trick or treating because later Sunday afternoon Stella tweaked her knee climbing on a bench and wouldn't walk on it. I'm happy to say, she is back to normal this morning. But she is tired. I think between the Halloween parties, skating and the Hog game she is worn out. I know Mommy is!

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