Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas in Montana

Since my parents LOVE to spoil their grandkids we celebrated Christmas while we were in Montana. Stella got her first princess doll and loved it.

She also is quite the doctor. I know her hair is out of control, but she wanted it like that.

How cute is that hat!?! I didn't get as many pictures as I thought, but it was super fun to watch the 3 cousins

We attempted to a get a picture of the grandkids with Gaga and Papa, but it was quite a chore. We had about 3 cameras were flashing so I think we got at least one.

And what is Christmas in November without Santa. As you can see Sawyer was NOT a fan.

Stella wouldn't got to him either, but she was all about the candy cane. Now whenever you mention Santa...she'll say candy cane. :)

Poor Sawyer still didn't like Santa even with Papa holding him.
PS...I was super impressed with this Santa. there was NO line because instead of heading to the mall...we visited the Santa at a local hardware store not far from my brother's house. And the employees made it super fun!

After Santa, the store had a table set up for kids to decorate cupcakes.
Stella looks interested, but...

Hunter was the one on a mission and completed the task :)
I think my brother and sister in law will take the boys back there next year because it was so fun and quaint, but it's a GOOD Santa :)

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