Friday, November 19, 2010

Oregon Part 1

Stella and I had the chance to go to Oregon for 3 weeks and we had a big time. My parents have a new dog, Weezer, and Stella loves her. She LOVED helping Papa give her a bath.
I'm pretty sure Stella was very wet too, but hey that's what happens when you're having fun with Papa and a puppy.

And since we were there towards the end of the regular college football season we got in on some of the tailgating action at the Oregon State games...Go Beavs! My parents host a tailgater every home game and this was the first of 2 we got to go to. Stella was a big helper getting things ready.

Ready for some football!

And of course, after a trip to the bookstore with Gaga...someone had a new sweatshirt.

Bundled up for the game. Stella loved my parents seats...she could see everything, but since this little one skipped her nap...she passed out in my arms soon after kickoff.

You can tell she's still tired post game.
She loved warming up with Papa by the fire after the Beaver win.

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