Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Montana Part 1

In the middle of my 3 week trip back home, my mom, dad, Stella and I packed up and drove from Oregon to Montana. Of course we hit the first snow storm of the season, ha, but it wasn't too bad. We just took it slow and Stella did great! And once we got to my brother's house...we had a BLAST. Hunter and Stella were all about helping Gaga make our Thanksgiving pies. I love this picture because Hunter is busy working and it looks like Stella is telling Gaga what to do.
They were such good helpers and the pies were super YUMMY.
The snow might have made it an interesting drive, but it was SOOO BEAUTIFUL once we got there. My brother and sister in law live on this awesome mountain side and it was so relaxing waking up to snow covered country.
Once it got above 0 (yes, 0) we let Stella and Hunter play for a few minutes outside. Stella wasn't sure what to think of all this white stuff. She kept calling it sand.
Hunter on the other hand was a wild man outside and kept face planting in the snow...on purpose.
I LOVE this picture because Hunter is as happy as can be, but Stella is not so sure. Don't worry Stella eventually liked it.

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