Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2, 4, 6, 8...Let's Get Ready to Celebrate!

I still can't believe she's 5!
 In true Stella fashion she knew what she wanted...a Cheer Party at the bounce place,
So that's what she got. 
 Sweet girl was so excited for her party. It was crazy and fun all in one. She chose her Oregon State cheer outfit out of the 4 cheer uniforms she owns :)

 This nugget kept up with the big kids like a champ. I'm pretty sure she wore daddy out as he was in charge of keeping an eye on her.
 Pure joy!
 I love how Addy, Stella, and Kaylin are holding hands as they fly down the "big" slide.
 I think their hair shows how much fun they're having, ha!
 Checking out her cake. Please note the Barbies above the cake. A week before the party Stella announced she wanted a Barbie, I"m already done with Gaga to the rescue with Cheer it's a Barbie Cheer party at the bounce place. PERFECT
 Oh the sass! Love these girls. Stella, Addy and Addison.
 Stella was so excited Grammie was visiting for the excitement.

 Can you tell she likes Barbies?!?! This is just one of MANY she stocked up on.
 We actually got a family pic. Notice all the toys on the table. And yes, I did encourage everyone to wear sports gear. Stella is supporting the Beavs, Emme is Hog Wild, I was wearing one of my dad's old jerseys (Go Colts) and Tom was sporting his Sounders Gear.
And of course we were thrilled Papa and Gaga joined the crazies. My mom made an incredible flower arrangement for the bday girl. I mean incredible, but somehow I didn't capture it on my real camera.

Happy birthday Stella! 
I have never had more fun in my life as I have the past 5 years!
You're daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know!