Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a Mess!!!

This is just one view of Tom's parent's back yard!!! The ice storm took a major toll on the trees in the area...and that means a big mess for Papa and Grammie. Tom went over to help his dad clean up and Stella and I visited later to lift everyone's spirits.
Loving on daddy....please notice Julian (Aunt Lori fiance) hard at work in the back.
Even Stella pitched in...notice the stick in her hand. I guess every little bit helps. Northwest Arkansas has a long clean-up process ahead of them. It is a mess everywhere, but power is slowly being restored around the area. Unfortunately, Grammie and Papa are still without electricity.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Ice Baby...

This is Stella trying to rollover on Tuesday morning...the first day of the ice storm. Little did we know just how bad it was and how crazy our week would be. To sum it up...thousands without power, our station lost power and we did a show via generators (craziness to say the least), daycare has NO power for **4** days. I can't take off because when there's a storm, it's a huge news event. Plus Tom works in news too so he can't stay home all day with her either. This all equals CRAZINESS, but it worked out. We might have been a little stressed at times, but we got to spend more time with our girl!
Tuesday Tom's parents stayed with Stella until Tom got off work and this is where I found them when I got home...cuddled in bed ready to play.
Early Wednesday morning...NO Stella and I moved to the living room by the fire place after Tom left for work. Power came back on around 5..thank the Lord!
View from our driveway.
At least 2 inches of ice on everything throughout northwest Arkansas.
Maybe this wasn't the best parking spot.
Drive home from work.
Day 3 of the ice storm...Stella makes the trip into work. Still no daycare, but daddy entertains while mommy tries to get the day going.
New meaning to a working mom.
Taking a little photo op with my sweet girl! I'm very thankful work let me bring her in for a few hours.
Entertaining herself while mommy works.
Bundled up for another day at work...she was such a trooper.
Playing on mommy's desk...I think she is getting used to the idea of working in a news station.

Needless to say this week was a big crazy and I'm exhausted...but SO thankful we have power and never lost it for too long. Please pray for others who have been without power since Tuesday morning and are still sitting in the dark.

I know it's been a while since I've posted... I have more to post, but pooped from a long week. I promise more posts are coming soon.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Paranoid Mom...Maybe, but I'm New at This. Give Me a Break!

Ok, so we all know tis the season for colds. Well, Stella has been stuffy the last couple days and started coughing last night in her sleep. I didn't panic, but I realized if it got worse over the weekend...I'd be mad at myself for not taking her in. So, Yes, I took her in to her first unneeded doctor's appointment. The doc looked at her lungs, ears, and throat and ALL are perfectly fine and CLEAR. But we did get to weigh her again...she now weighs 13 pounds 3 ounces and the doc says she's perfect (we already knew that, but it's nice to hear from others).
We go back next Friday for her 4 month check up and shots.
Here are some recent pictures of our cute little one.
I think she looks so cute here...she scratched her face, but I still love the pic.

Stella and I were cleaning her room and hanging up her clothes (this girls closet goes on for days)...and this is her sitting in the corner of her crib. As you can tell she found a new soft lovie and was very fond of it.

As you can see her little cheeks are chin are chapped, but that's not why I have this picture on here.
For those of you who know me you'll think this is funny, for those who don't...I'm embarrassed.
You see, Stella was on our bed while I was getting ready one morning and she was playing with the blankie in the picture. You might think it looks a little gross looking...well, it's almost 29 years old. That's my blankie. Yes, I still sleep with my blankie. And it wasn't until the morning I took this picture how ridiculous that is. I was talking to my sweet girl and I actually said, "Are you playing with mommy's blankie." It was then I realized it's time to let it go. I know there are other times in my life that I should've let this blanket go (college, marriage, etc), but it wasn't until talking to my sweet girl that a light went off. We'll see when I finally give it up!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prayer IS Powerful

It's amazing how technology can get word out quickly and to the point. I don't know the family in this link but need your prayers. I heard about them through a couple friends and can't imagine what they're going through, but at the same time encouraged by their faith and dependability on God. Please read their blog and pass it on so others can pray for them and their little girl. God is good and if blogging can get more people on their knees for this sweet family...then spread the word. Love you all!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girl Time, but No Camera

So, today Stella and were excited to spend the afternoon with our girlfriends, Megan, Heather and Reese. We were meeting from lunch and then who knew what the afternoon would hold. I made sure Stella got a good morning nap in case Megan and I decided to run around after Heather and Reese headed to a baby shower. All this planned and I promised myself I couldn't forget my camera. It's been a couple months since I had Stella in a picture with Reese and I needed an update...well of course I forgot the camera and let me tell you it was a good thing.

You see, I have a fake front tooth (knocked it out when I was 7 years old) and guess what!!! My tooth fell out while we were eating lunch. In a packed restaurant and true Arkansas fashion...I was sitting a table laughing out of control with my friends as I sat there with a pretty big gap in my teeth. Needless to say, I didn't finish eating (i was almost done) and quickly called my dentist.

So instead of heading to do some shopping and hang time with Megan...Stella and I ran home...fed her and then I met up with my dentist. The tooth is back, but I have big plans of getting my PERMANENT one very SOON!

So since I didn't have my camera to catch the comedy scene at lunch...I took some pics of Stella this evening while we were hanging out with daddy. I promise she smiles all the time, but not when the camera is pointed at her!

Loves sitting like a big girl!Watching a movie with daddy. Notice the bald spot in the back. She has a mohawk and rats stylish!

Big blue eyes...they change every day so I'm still not convinced they're going to stay blue.Chilling out.The usually look I get once I pull out the camera. I think she is in awe of the flash and silver frame.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Play Time & Bath Time

Eying a new toy from her Aunt Lori for Christmas. Stella loves bugs and fish!
She loves this toy!
Cute little baby.
If we would let her...Stella would go under the water. She loves her bath time lately.
All smiles for Daddy.
I had to include this picture...that flower is bigger than her head. It's a Christmas present from Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott.
Playing with Daddy.
Grabbing her cow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

14 Weeks and Some of Stella's Favorites

Stella has really been enjoying her Bumbo seat as well as sitting up other places lately. If she gets fussy and you sit her up...she loves it. I think she likes being a big girl.
Another love...her bunny and her hand. She wont take a pacifier and fights the bottle for all she's worth, but she'll suck on that hand.
I know I've mentioned it in previous posts, but Stella absolutley LOVES these BUGS. Until just recently she had nothing to do with the mirror--it was just about the bugs. She will smile and coo at them all day.
Now that she has spotted herself in the mirror she talks to herself. I wish I knew what was going through her little mind.

Things Stella is up to...
rolling to her side
playing on tummy a lot and strengthening neck
outgrowing a lot of her clothes
fighting the bottle
loves watching sports with Daddy
sleeping through the night 90% of the time
loves to smile and giggle (attempting to) all the time
likes to watch her friends at daycare play
loves listening to her daddy sing to her
loves kisses on the neck from mommy
likes giving wide-open mouth kisses

I know there is more I am missing, but I haven't posted in awhile, so hopefully you'll enjoy the recent pictures of her. We are absolutely loving this age as she is responding to us and so much fun!