Sunday, January 4, 2009

14 Weeks and Some of Stella's Favorites

Stella has really been enjoying her Bumbo seat as well as sitting up other places lately. If she gets fussy and you sit her up...she loves it. I think she likes being a big girl.
Another love...her bunny and her hand. She wont take a pacifier and fights the bottle for all she's worth, but she'll suck on that hand.
I know I've mentioned it in previous posts, but Stella absolutley LOVES these BUGS. Until just recently she had nothing to do with the mirror--it was just about the bugs. She will smile and coo at them all day.
Now that she has spotted herself in the mirror she talks to herself. I wish I knew what was going through her little mind.

Things Stella is up to...
rolling to her side
playing on tummy a lot and strengthening neck
outgrowing a lot of her clothes
fighting the bottle
loves watching sports with Daddy
sleeping through the night 90% of the time
loves to smile and giggle (attempting to) all the time
likes to watch her friends at daycare play
loves listening to her daddy sing to her
loves kisses on the neck from mommy
likes giving wide-open mouth kisses

I know there is more I am missing, but I haven't posted in awhile, so hopefully you'll enjoy the recent pictures of her. We are absolutely loving this age as she is responding to us and so much fun!

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heather said...

She's growing out of the "infant" look and is looking more like a BIG GIRL!!! :) She's so cute, Syd!