Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Ice Baby...

This is Stella trying to rollover on Tuesday morning...the first day of the ice storm. Little did we know just how bad it was and how crazy our week would be. To sum it up...thousands without power, our station lost power and we did a show via generators (craziness to say the least), daycare has NO power for **4** days. I can't take off because when there's a storm, it's a huge news event. Plus Tom works in news too so he can't stay home all day with her either. This all equals CRAZINESS, but it worked out. We might have been a little stressed at times, but we got to spend more time with our girl!
Tuesday Tom's parents stayed with Stella until Tom got off work and this is where I found them when I got home...cuddled in bed ready to play.
Early Wednesday morning...NO Stella and I moved to the living room by the fire place after Tom left for work. Power came back on around 5..thank the Lord!
View from our driveway.
At least 2 inches of ice on everything throughout northwest Arkansas.
Maybe this wasn't the best parking spot.
Drive home from work.
Day 3 of the ice storm...Stella makes the trip into work. Still no daycare, but daddy entertains while mommy tries to get the day going.
New meaning to a working mom.
Taking a little photo op with my sweet girl! I'm very thankful work let me bring her in for a few hours.
Entertaining herself while mommy works.
Bundled up for another day at work...she was such a trooper.
Playing on mommy's desk...I think she is getting used to the idea of working in a news station.

Needless to say this week was a big crazy and I'm exhausted...but SO thankful we have power and never lost it for too long. Please pray for others who have been without power since Tuesday morning and are still sitting in the dark.

I know it's been a while since I've posted... I have more to post, but pooped from a long week. I promise more posts are coming soon.

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