Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Christmas

Opening my presents with Mommy at Grammie and Granddad's house.
Posing with my daddy...please notice the pile of presents behind him...most were for Stella.
Part of the attempt to get photos at home, but with little success. This Christmas dress is's from Gamma and Papa in Oregon. I had so many dresses I had to rotate through...on Christmas eve I wore the red dress from Grammie and I wore a different dress at the Christmas party from Aunt Buela...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Love you all...THANKS!
But Stella put on her smile once we got to Grammie's house.

And like we mentioned before, Aunt Lori is ENGAGED!!!! We are so excited for her and Julian. Isn't her ring beautiful! We love you Aunt Lori and Uncle Julian!!!

Christmas & 3 Months Old

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Birthday Jesus!
It's hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone...boy, that snuck up fast. But it's even harder to believe Stella is 3 months TODAY!
Here are some pictures of our little angel Christmas eve and Christmas day. We were blessed to spend it with Tom's parents (aka Grammie and Granddad) and his sister, Lori and her fiance, Julian..CONGRATS GUYS!
It was a great 1st Christmas for Miss Stella.
Bundled up with Grammie and Granddad (the cute coat is from Grammie) at Christmas eve candlelight service. It was a great service and Stella did wonderful.
Our little snow bunny!
Watching the service with Aunt Lori.
Lovin on Grammie!
This picture was too cute not to share with all of you!
Checking out all the present from Santa Christmas morning. Our family of free woke up (after an un-interrupted night..thank you Stella!!) and enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, the Christmas Story and a little TLC as a family!

Eyeing her very first cell phone.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

11 Weeks

It's hard to believe Stella is already 11 weeks. She started daycare this week and did great (it was harder on mom than anyone else). She is now taking a bottle at daycare (but that's about the only place). We're still working on her taking one at home. Now that she's in daycare she gets a lot of time with daddy. I take her in the morning and Tom picks her up after he gets off work (mid-afternoon) so they get some playtime.

Things Stella is doing..
*Sucking hands like crazy
*playing with toys
*sitting in Bumbo seat (sometimes with a little help)
*shopping for Christmas
*Skyping with family in Oregon
*laughing and smiling all the time
*reacting to her mommy and daddy's stories
*loves looking at herself in the mirror
*enjoying bathtime more and loves lotion at night
Stella talking to my dad after her bath.
My dad putting lotion on her (a thing I usually do every night when we're home) before bedtime.

**I've taken more pictures on my camera but have not downloaded them since we've been home (still adjusting to being back at work), so they'll be coming in the future.

Santa, Fire Trucks, & Papa

My dad is the chaplain for the fire station in town and every year they team up with Santa and drive through the neighborhoods collecting toys and canned food...we were there this year, so my dad had a chance to show off Stella when they rolled by my parents house!

Watching for Santa.
Proud Grandparents.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Office Christmas Party

After a full day at daycare and now a party...this is a lot to take in. But please notice Stella's Christmas dress. She keeps getting these cute holiday dresses, so I'm dressing her in them any time I get...this one is from my aunt, Buela.
Taking it all in with Neile. Stella was asleep when we got there and she probably would've slept the entire time, but everyone wanted to see her so I woke her up. And yes, she was a little fussy, but oh so cute!
For those of you that don't live close by this is the group Tom wakes up with every day. Jason in the meterologist and Kelly is his co-anchor. They really do have a blast together.
**NOTE: I still have several Oregon pictures to post I just haven't had time to download them. These pics are from Kelly's camera so she did the dirty work for me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Photo Shoot..just a sneak peak.

I just love those cheeks.

My camera has a fun function that pulls color in a black and white picture, so since Stella was in red I decided to have a little fun with it. She did a great job and we got a Christmas card out of it.

Meeting Santa

Growing up my parents always took us to see the Santa since Jolly Ole' Saint Nick was already in town...we decided it was time for Miss Stella to meet Santa. We went during the middle of the week...NO LINE ( I can't remember that ever being the case when I was little). At first she just stared at Santa about after about 30 seconds she decided...she wasn't a fan. I hope he still visits her this year...I know for a fact she's been nice!
Making sure Mommy and Daddy are still around.

Somebody HELP ME!
Back with Mommy and Daddy...all better.
This is a toy Stella got early for Christmas...and she loves it! She could sit there forever looking at the mirror and bugs around the edge.

Monday, December 8, 2008

4 Generations

This picture means more to me then words can describe. It's me, my mom, my grandma and Stella...four generations together. It amazes me. I've always thought the world of my mom and grandma (or mommom as I grew up calling her) and now I'm a mom. It just seams so unreal to me at times. But the day my Mommom met Stella was extra special. See she had a stroke last spring when I was home for my baby showers and all she said was that it was her goal in life to see each of her grandchildren have a baby...and I'm the last one. She told me while we visited that I completed the circle...her goal was complete, but I told her she's not done yet. I know Tom and I plan to have more as does my I said Stella is just the beginning of another round of great grand kids. I pray and hope that I can be the mother both my mom and grandma have been to me! Stella is a lucky girl...because her GREAT Grandmother is more than GREAT she's a role model for us to follow and what a journey it will be.
Mommom and Pa with Stella and Hunter.

Go Beavers!

If you know my dad then you know he is the biggest Oregon State Beaver fan there is. SO to say he was excited for the civil war game against the Ducks while his grandkids were in town is an understatement. To give you an idea...he parked his trailer in Corvallis Wednesday (the game was Saturday)...he hit the road with Tom and Beau around 7 the day of the game (kickoff was at 4) and then he glowed the entire day, even after a big loss to the ducks because he was with Stella and Hunter. My dad doesn't like to lose so for him to still be smiling after the beat down the Beavers took says a lot.
Having fun at the tailgater.
Sporting orange and black for her Papa's Beavs.
Beau and Booba heading into the game.
Enjoying the sunny weather before the game. I was able to go to the first half because Stella was taking a nap. My mom stayed with her in the trailer and then she took Hunter to the second half of the game while I hung out with Booba and Court.

Hunter and Papa before the game.

Relaxing after the game.

Oregon with the Fam!

Uncle Beau meeting Stella after a long drive from Montana...notice Stella is ready for bed and does not know what to think of her Uncles gottee.
Stella talking to her Great Grandma...they hit it off.

Hunter meeting Stella for the first time...and they hamming it up for the camera. He seriously is the best little guy ever, but PURE BOY!
Mixing Grandma's yummy gravy Thankgiving..Stella and I are helping in the kitchen.
Tom entertains Hunter with playdo while Thanksgiving dinner is being cooked.
Tom and Hunter chilling after a big meal and lots of company.

Well, we braved flying with an infant and made it to Oregon for Thanksgiving and the following week. Stella did GREAT on the flight..she slept the whole way and we had a blast in the northwest. Plus Stella finally got to meet several family members anxiously awaiting her arrival.