Monday, December 8, 2008

4 Generations

This picture means more to me then words can describe. It's me, my mom, my grandma and Stella...four generations together. It amazes me. I've always thought the world of my mom and grandma (or mommom as I grew up calling her) and now I'm a mom. It just seams so unreal to me at times. But the day my Mommom met Stella was extra special. See she had a stroke last spring when I was home for my baby showers and all she said was that it was her goal in life to see each of her grandchildren have a baby...and I'm the last one. She told me while we visited that I completed the circle...her goal was complete, but I told her she's not done yet. I know Tom and I plan to have more as does my I said Stella is just the beginning of another round of great grand kids. I pray and hope that I can be the mother both my mom and grandma have been to me! Stella is a lucky girl...because her GREAT Grandmother is more than GREAT she's a role model for us to follow and what a journey it will be.
Mommom and Pa with Stella and Hunter.

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Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Syd, I LOVE all of the pictures and updates!!! How fun that you got to go no sales tax and tator tots at Taco bell! Stella is so BEAUTIFUL....oh my word!!!! Love her.