Monday, December 8, 2008

Oregon with the Fam!

Uncle Beau meeting Stella after a long drive from Montana...notice Stella is ready for bed and does not know what to think of her Uncles gottee.
Stella talking to her Great Grandma...they hit it off.

Hunter meeting Stella for the first time...and they hamming it up for the camera. He seriously is the best little guy ever, but PURE BOY!
Mixing Grandma's yummy gravy Thankgiving..Stella and I are helping in the kitchen.
Tom entertains Hunter with playdo while Thanksgiving dinner is being cooked.
Tom and Hunter chilling after a big meal and lots of company.

Well, we braved flying with an infant and made it to Oregon for Thanksgiving and the following week. Stella did GREAT on the flight..she slept the whole way and we had a blast in the northwest. Plus Stella finally got to meet several family members anxiously awaiting her arrival.

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Sarge said...

LOVE your pictures. Especially the 4 generations picture. That is SO SO special. :)
Miss you!